Amplify CKUA Radio

CKUA Amplify

From April 1st through May 1st, 2022, CKUA is seeking community support. As Alberta’s voice for music, arts and culture, we provide original musical programming with unparalleled variety. We are donor-supported and community-focused, broadcasting music and conversations that are diverse and inclusive.

Investing in quality, content and reliability

A depth of expertise is required to run a vital radio station. This investment ensures the wide variety of quality, locally-relevant, non-repeat programming, and reliable service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year that listeners and donors expect from CKUA.

We are a charitable non-profit, part of a sector that comes with stereotypes about getting by with the bare minimum. But unlike most charities, we operate and compete for listeners and customers in a sophisticated, borderless, well-funded, high-tech and highly regulated commercial music and media industry.

Connecting a worldwide community

Donations contribute to amplifying our on-air voice with digital communications. You will help build community, foster open and engaged conversation, and convey CKUA as a shared, inclusive enterprise thanks to musicians, announcers, artists, their fans, and our fans and donors.

We are mentoring young hosts, celebrating emerging artists, supporting the local arts economy, and investing in infrastructure. We do all of this so that the programming we offer is diverse and compelling. Your donation helps us continue this work, expanding CKUA’s reach, celebrating musical diversity, and creating more community connections.

Why do we do it? It’s for moments like these:

On dec 4 2020, my husband and I received a life-giving early Christmas gift: some extraordinary, generous, anonymous donor gave my husband a new set of lungs. … Our friends and family are giving us outpourings of love, encouragement, support, and soups! Our freezer, and our hearts, are full to overflowing. And CKUA, our constant musical companion through all of life’s journeys, is with us here in ICU, giving us bedside music to help recover by! The ICU staff love it, as do we. In this sterile environment, music is a rarity, and it is giving everyone the gift of joy, vibrancy, and colour. … This has been the Best. Christmas. Ever.


Through the connection we share, if we can make your day, week, and world better by connecting you with music, arts and culture—and each other—then it’s been a good day.

Please join us in our Spring campaign by amplifying CKUA and helping us reach our $1M goal.  You will join the Crew, a community of hearts and souls who give what they can, when they can, to ensure we will all have a musical home where we can share our collective values.