Annual Gayle Gilchrist James Lecture: Western Science Meets Indigenous Wisdom

September 30, 2021

2 – 3:30 p.m.


Modern science increasingly recognizes something Indigenous cultures have long known: Everything exists in dynamic flux — everything vibrates — and everything is in relation to everything else. This Faculty of Social Work panel discussion examines parallels between Indigenous ways of knowing and modern science.

Panellists include Blackfoot Elder Leroy Little Bear, founding director of the Native American Program at Harvard University, who famously led a series of “science dialogues” with two of the world’s most significant 20th-century theoretical physicists (David Bohm and David Peat) along with Indigenous Elders and linguists.

Other panellists include Piikani Nation member Dr. Betty Bastien, PhD, director of the Indigenous Bachelor of Social Work degree program at Red Crow Community College; Dr. Apela Colorado, PhD, a traditional cultural practitioner and director of the Worldwide Indigenous Science Network, which she founded at UCalgary; Dr. Hilary Weaver, DSW, from the University of Buffalo; and UCalgary Social Work Professor Emeritus Richard Ramsay.