Exhibition: Birds Eat Mosquitoes

Doug Levitt has been painting since 2002 and portraying every conceivable subject, from native portraits and wildlife to urban life and landscapes of mountain, prairie and sea. Inspired by our powerful prairie surroundings, Doug began a series devoted to painting Alberta five years ago. Along the backroads and scenic piques and valleys, Doug fell in love with the birds he inevitably encountered on his explorations. The pandemic and lengthy lockdown gave Doug more time to spend in the outdoors when he’s usually busiest with his show schedule. Daily walks and en plein air painting trips slowly revealed the vast and busy world of birdlife Doug had been taking for granted. He began to see their personalities – the tricksters, the nurturers and the curious – and also how protective they are of each other. It made him think deeply about his own relationships and the greater world. A fascination for birds and how they balance and help nature fuels his desire to learn more about nature and in so doing, learn more about himself. Doug’s hope is that, through the paintings in this show, others will be similarly inspired.

The idea for Birds Eat Mosquitoes is an appreciation that our feathered friends contribute to our well being in so many ways, none of them insignificant. This study of avian life takes an intimate look at a remarkable variety of our Alberta birds – some common and others rare. There is a deeper message about the importances of birds and how pivotal they are to our surrounding environment.

In the words of the artist, “Birds are one of the many things we can take for granted. There are many types of birds around us all the time so we rarely take true notice of them. We hear them singing and chatting all around us but we rarely pay any real attention to them. We’re just so used to them being there. Once you take notice, an astonishing world opens up.”

Opening Reception:
Please join us between 2 and 4 pm on Saturday July 31, 2021, as we celebrate the launch of this exhibit and Where Do We Stand?.

July 31 – September 5
Tuesday – Sunday, 10 am – 4 pm
Admission by donation