Give the Gift of Imagination: Spark Children’s Creativity with STEM

Science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) surround us. STEM is about more than biology, or computer programming, or physics. It is about learning how to think critically, be creative, test an idea, and then make it even better.  All scientists, whether they are engineers, biologists, or mathematicians, have one thing in common – the relentless pursuit of curiosity sparked by imagination!

Children are overflowing with curiosity and imagination, just waiting for that spark. One of the best ways to ignite that spark and spur children to explore STEM-related topics is through hands-on STEM learning activities. Unfortunately, not all children have access to that kind of learning. In low-income neighbourhoods, many schools and parents cannot afford these kinds of activities, putting children at a disadvantage today, and for their futures.

Scientists in School is committed to bringing hands-on STEM activities to all children in Canada, regardless of their financial situation.

This Giving Tuesday, we are launching our Give the Gift of Imagination campaign. Our goal is to raise $3,000 to fund classroom and community workshops. That’s enough to subsidize 100 community workshops that can bring STEM learning to 150 children, or to provide 10 free classroom workshops that can support STEM learning for roughly 300 children.

For 33 years, Scientists in School has been igniting scientific curiosity for children in schools and community groups. In our workshops, the children are the scientists! Children are given opportunities to think like a scientist while exploring electrical circuits, dissecting owl pellets, constructing bridges, or even creating bath bombs.

Donate today and Give the Gift of Imagination to children across Canada. Help us Spark Children’s Creativity with STEM.

Light the spark that can turn today’s Scientist in School into tomorrow’s researcher, engineer or inventor!