Orange Shirt Awareness Pin Workshop

All supplies will be provided, All abilities, Ages 12+ Tickets by donation ($0-$65+)

Learn basic skills of beading on pellon with double-needle technique and beaded edging to create your own Orange Shirt Day pin. Simple and quick beadwork skill development.

Taught by Dorvina Pearline White Quills “Pearl White Quills”

Pearl White Quills is the owner and founder of Bright Swan Creations, which began simply with beads, needles, thread and earring hooks in 2008. By 2012, Pearl and her children began selling her beadwork on small displays walking around the pow wows. In 2013, she gained basic sewing skills. By 2017, she learned Ribbon Skirt teachings and designed her very own drum bag for Traditional Hand Drums. She passes her teachings on to her daughters while encouraging all her children to join her on this journey. Business mission statement: “Empowering First Nations in all forms of artistry having our Spirituality as the foundation. Inspiring healing through unity, as one”

Pearl was in grade 4 (age 9), when her Mother, Kathy, taught her an expertise-level style beaded headdress earring. By grade 6 (age 11), Pearl picked up tubular peyote stitch. In grade 8 (age 13), Elder Maggie Black Kettle of Plains Indian Cultural Survival School passed on loom, medicine pouch and various styles of art to her and numerous students. As time passed through life, there was a huge gap between creating until the age of 25 when Pearl knew art was a missing part of who she is. Connecting to many other artists throughout the Mohkinstsis (Calgary) community inspired Pearl to make something of her skills. Traditional Hand Drum, pow wow dancing, Quillwork and many various crafts continue to evolve, expanding her skills with motivation to spread healing through her work, inspiring others to do the same. Her signature fringe earrings continue to spread throughout the world. Designed in 2017 when Pearl dedicated her life to living her purpose from then on with the foundation of our Indigenous way of life.

This Workshop is part of the Honouring the Children Exhibition & Workshops, organized by CIF Reconciliation Society

We thank our funding partners: Calgary Arts Development and Sparrow Artspace!