Our Stories, Our Voices, Our Ways

Our Stories, Our Voices, Our Ways is a new temporary exhibition presented in partnership with the Aahwaatkamooksi Peer Mentorship Program from the Lodgepole Center at Alberta University of the Arts, and is curated by Morgan Black, AJ Kluck, and Stephanie One Spot.

Join the Walk for Reconciliation on Tuesday, June 21 to see the exhibition on opening day, or visit Fort Calgary Friday through Sunday to view it during regular museum hours until Sunday, Oct. 2.

Exhibition description from the artists

We have been telling stories since time immemorial.

Storytelling is how we share our experience of the world with others, and no one else can tell our stories as reliably as we can. The Lodgepole Center’s Aawaatkamooksi Peer Mentorship Program at Alberta University of the Arts brings together Indigenous artists for a visual arts exhibition. Our Stories, Our Voices, Our Ways is an opportunity for Indigenous artists to share their story.

An opportunity to honour the knowledge and brilliance given to us by the land and by our ancestors. We hope to create a future that emphasizes love, care, and connection.

A celebration of us and all that we do.

We are sovereign. We are connected. We are proud.