RYP Youth Summit – February 24, 2024: Changing the Narrative

RYP Youth Summit – February 24, 2024: Changing the Narrative
Realize Your Potential Youth Society (RYP) invites you to the transformative RYP Youth Summit on February 24, 2024. Join us as we embark on a journey to change the narrative, providing a platform for Black youth aged 8-18 to express opinions and share stories. Our Ambassadors will introduce an innovative Black Youth Summit with two distinct components: “Walk a Mile in My Shoes,” addressing negative narratives for young Black males, and “You Grow Girl,” redefining Black girl identity by breaking free from stereotypes.
Founded in 2020 after a tragic incident involving a young black youth, RYP is committed to reshaping the narrative for Black youth. As we commemorate Black History Month, we delve into the heart of this month, focusing on the mental health of Black youth. Recognizing the power of positive change, RYP unveils its unwavering commitment to healing and support.
Event Details:
Date: February 24, 2024
Venue: Winston Heights Mountview Community Association 520 27 Ave NE, Calgary,
RYP’s Mission: Empower, uplift, and inspire the next generation through targeted initiatives. Cultivate a supportive environment where Black youth can embrace their identities, stand tall, and prioritize mental wellness.
Join us for an empowering event that seeks to change the narrative, celebrate Black History Month, and provide a platform for authentic expression. Together, let’s break free from stereotypes and shape a future where every voice is heard.