SOUL Event: Black Mental Wellness Support (Feb 20-22, 2024)

In February, RYP is proud to take a dedicated stance on the mental wellness of Black youth with a series of impactful events, including: “Embrace Your Legacy, Ignite Your Future: A Pledge to Black Youth Mental Health”
SOUL Event: Supporting Our Understanding and Love for Black Mental Wellness (February 20-22, 2024)
These events aim to foster open conversations, dismantle stigmas, and create a culture where seeking help is celebrated as a profound sign of strength. We believe that these initiatives will make a meaningful impact on the mental health and well-being of our community’s youth, teachers, and parents.

No-Cost Registration: EmpowerSOUL, CompassionSOUL, Tea&Talk
1.EmpowerSOUL – Nurturing Black Youth Minds: A virtual session providing insight, guidance, and support for the mental wellness journey of Black youth.
2.CompassionSOUL – Guiding Parents in Mental Health Conversations: An interactive virtual session offering resources and strategies for parents navigating mental health discussions with their children.
3.Tea & Talk – Cultivating Wellness in the Classroom: An in-person session at Action Dignity office 915 – 33 Street NE, Calgary, Alberta, designed to equip educators with tools and insights for fostering mental wellness within the classroom.
How You Can Contribute:
•Register Today: [Youth Session Link], [Parent Session Link], [Teacher Session Link]
•Share the Session Links: Encourage other parents to register and actively participate.
Feel free to share the session links with others who might benefit from this meaningful engagement.
Your involvement is crucial to the success of this event, and we look forward to seeing you there.
Your presence and active engagement would mean a lot to us, as your perspectives contribute immensely to the richness of these discussions. Additionally, your support will help foster a community that prioritizes mental health and well-being.