UNGANISHA: Explore. Connect. Dance.

To help increase awareness of Black History Month in Calgary, and the public understanding of diversity and history of the African diaspora.

UNGANISHA is a mesmerizing 45-minute documentary film that embarks on a rhythmic journey through nine diverse dance forms shaped by the African diaspora. The film seamlessly interlaces archival and modern footage, connecting the past with the present. From the vibrant energy of Afro-Caribbean dance to the sultry embrace of Afro-Cuban traditions, and the powerful voice of resistance found in Hip Hop, each section is a celebration of cultural resilience and creativity.

The film not only showcases the beauty of dance forms but also invites viewers to feel a sense of nostalgia and recognize the threads linking their lives back to African culture. UNGANISHA is a universal unifier, a visual and rhythmic feast tha transcends borders, celebrating the enduring influence of African traditions on the global stage and the universal language of dance that unites us all.

Join us for the final presention of UNGANISHA: Explore. Connect. Dance.