Walk With Her – International Women’s Day Celebration

Recognizing gender equity and empowering women and girls in our communities is essential to the process of allocating resources, opportunities, and fairness in all aspects of their lives. As such, Ladies in the Family Foundation and the Africa Centre Enhancing Gender Equity program are collaborating in celebration of the annual International Women’s Day to present “Walk With Her: Rallying a Collective Action to Support Racialized Women and Girls Towards Gender Equity.” The objective of this event is to engage racialized women and girls, celebrate their achievements, rally for equity, raise awareness by facilitating conversation on relevant issues, highlighting resilience and strengths and celebrating our diversity while recognizing the UN’s declaration of gender equity to promote fairness, opportunity, and ambition.

This celebration will engage community members, leaders, representatives from civil society organizations, and most importantly our youth. We are honoured to have Jamilah Edwards, the executive director of the Lionheart Foundation as our keynote speaker. This event will gather experts on topics of gender equity and anti-racism in a two-part panel discussion, feature cultural and spoken word performances by female youth, local ethnic cuisine, a dance to end the evening. Further, this event will create opportunities for networking with trailblazers in our community, forming new relationships, and the possibility of building mentorship prospects.