Friday, August 26 / Saturday August 27, 2022
We are back with the third installment of the Woezo Africa Cultural Festival (WACF)! The Woezo Africa Cultural Festival aims to share and educate the community at large on the level of artistry and innovation that exists within African culture and African Diasporic history through a series of interactive activities, artisan demonstrations, cultural performances and workshops that will be delivered virtually. On August 26th and 27th, participants can expect two days filled with African music and dance performances, family-friendly arts and crafts workshops, a bustling cultural fair, an immersive visual art and jam session, and a community-oriented networking mixer all held within the lovely atmosphere of Downtown Calgary.

We believe that African, Caribbean and Black cultural practices have a place in the mainstream. We are driven by a desire to advocate for our unique art forms through broader community exposure to the rich, dynamic, and inviting cultures of peoples of African descent. The festival encourages the Calgary community to engage in events that challenge dominant culture and more accurately represents the diversity of the city, and Canada as a whole.

All communities are welcome to join us for the WACF in learning, participating in and viewing many creative mediums enriched with the history of African culture. Try something new, or join it all – we are excited to share a piece of our culture with you!