IntegralOrg 2023 Workshops

To help your nonprofit thrive, Integral Org offers workshops in governance, legal issues, financial management, risk management, and social enterprise.

Register today for one (or more) of their upcoming workshops:

Charitable Funding Changes to Pay Attention to in 2023
Thursday, February 23, 1-2pm with Yvonne Chenier

Intro to Finance: The controls and policies every nonprofit needs
Wednesday, March 1, 1-2pm with Stella Penner

Intro to Governance: Principles of good governance for nonprofits
Wednesday, March 8, 1-2pm with Mike Grogan

Intro to Social Enterprise: What legal structure should we choose
Thursday, March 23, 1-2pm with Yvonne Chenier

Challenges of Governance: Identifying board dysfunction
Wednesday, April 12, 2023

Navigating GST for Nonprofits & Charities 
Wednesday, May 3, 2023

Intro to Fundraising: Effective strategies for nonprofits
Wednesday, May 17, 1-2pm with Derek Bechthold

Intro to Risk Management: Building resilience for nonprofit organizations
Thursday, June 1, 1-2pm with Leslie Tamagi

Visit IntegralOrg’s website to learn more about upcoming workshops and how to access recordings from past webinars!

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