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Accessibility Renovations for Kids (ARK) is a Calgary based charity that serves families that have a child with a mobility challenge. These families face many adversities, which may include living in a home that is not suited to meet their specific needs. Simply put, many families cannot afford the costly renovations that would make the home accessible. At ARK, we believe that accessibility to the facilities in one’s own home is a basic human need. ARK plans and executes a wide range of home renovations on a case by case basis, so these children are empowered to safely and easily access spaces and resources in their own home. These renovations benefit the family on a daily basis by reducing the daily struggle faced by these children and their families and more importantly providing a sense of independence for children who have enough challenges in their day-to-day life..

At ARK, we envision a community where all children with mobility challenges live in a home specifically suited to meet their needs. Sadly, this vision is not a reality for many children and their families due to the high cost of accessibility renovations. Last summer, ARK was put in touch with eight-year-old Caleb and his family. Caleb has a neurological developmental disorder called polymicrogyria.  He is physically and mentally disabled, unable to walk or talk. He relies on mobility equipment and constant human assistance to accomplish even the most basic daily tasks.  At eight, Caleb is still growing and his parents were having an increasingly difficult time assisting him, especially with his daily personal care routine. Accessibility-related renovations that would mitigate these difficulties were estimated at over $30,000, and Caleb’s family did not have the financial means to implement these types of renovations in their home. ARK successfully planned and carried out renovations to the family’s bathroom that widened the door, increased floor space, and added assistive equipment as well as a shower and toilet that were accessible. Caleb is now enjoying a fully accessible roll in wet room bathroom! ARK is a young organization that is still growing, and we are thrilled to have helped Caleb and his family as our first renovation. As we grow, our plan is to reshape the world of one to two families each year with an accessibility renovation.

Our mandate is to provide accessibility-related renovations for a family that has a child with a mobility challenge. Once a recipient family is selected, we work with the family to identify specific areas of the home that require attention. This can be bathrooms, stairways, front entrance, etc. All phases of the renovation from drafting initial schematics to completion of the project is handled by ARK.

Cash donations can be made through our website at We also gladly accept material donations for our renovations projects. If you, or someone you know, is a business owner in the Calgary area that is interested in donating labour or sinks, tiles, light fixtures, faucets, flooring, etc., please contact us at: [email protected]

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