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  • children and youth

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  • education
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  • food security
  • physical health

About Agriculture for Life

For over a decade, Agriculture for Life (Ag for Life) has been connecting educators, as well as students and their families to the food they eat through our science-based, balanced, curriculum-aligned programs and resources.

We have established partnerships with a wide range of professional organizations, government agencies and academic institutions to advance the public’s understanding of Alberta agriculture and food systems.

Our goal is to educate Albertans about agriculture’s role in feeding the world as it relates to food security,  environment and climate change, economic diversification, innovation, careers and sustainability while building public trust along the entire value chain.

We bring agriculture to life!

Our Priority Areas

Agriculture and Food Literacy

Ensuring that all people have access to sustainable, sufficient, safe, healthy and culturally relevant food is a key global challenge today. Human health and wellbeing are inextricably linked with a sustainable food system. Today more than ever, people are disconnected from agriculture with many being two or three generations removed from the farm. This disconnect leaves questions about food, its origins and its production. There is a real need for agriculture and food education if we are to cultivate informed and healthy citizens alongside a vibrant, healthy, sustainable industry. The good news is that there is a demand for this knowledge in schools, communities and homes across Alberta. We believe everyone should understand where their food comes from.


Consumers have questions about their food and how it is being produced. There is a myriad of complex, mis- and contradictory information from Netflix documentaries to Buzzfeed articles, to the grocer store aisle and Instagram posts, leaving many consumers generally confused about agriculture and food production practices. This confusion, if not addressed, can become irrationally contagious and quickly spiral into mistrust of the entire industry. Misinformation feeds mistrust and we need to be proactive to negate this effect.

Ag for Life advances science-based information, promotes critical-thinking and amplifies Alberta agriculture’s story through robust media and public relations efforts and original content disseminated through our communications channels. Ag for Life is active on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and in the communities with our Know Your Food Mobile Education Unit.

Rural and Farm Safety

We believe anyone who gets to work, grows up on or visits a farm is blessed. Agriculture is full of possibilities. However, we know it can be a dangerous occupation for primary producers and their families. While some injury risks for youth exist in both urban and rural environments, there are major injury risks that are unique to rural settings such as large equipment, livestock, open bodies of water, rural roads and suffocation hazards. Ag for Life’s goal is to greatly reduce the number of rural and farm injuries and fatalities by providing educational safety awareness programming to rural youth and their families.

Our Reach

Our unique combination of programming has allowed us to foster deep grassroots relations with multiple targe audiences including primary producers, landowners, and farm families, educators, students, consumers, government, corporations and other industry stakeholders. In 2022, Ag for Life initiatives reached over half a million Albertans.

Partnering with Ag for Life

Ag for Life is a strong voice in the promotion of agriculture and food literacy – combating myths and misperceptions, while building greater trust in our food system. But we don’t do it alone! Ag for Life is supported by a diverse group of stakeholders with shared-values and a commitment to communicate and advance agriculture education that drives sound food policies and consumer choices now and into the future.

If you or your organization shares our vision, we would be proud to have your support. For more information contact [email protected]

We provide several methods for making donations. All donations are eligible for a tax receipt.

General Donation
Make a donation to Ag for Life. Your dollars will go directly to the support of Ag for Life programming across the province, connecting Albertans’ with agriculture and keeping farm families safe.

In Honour
Make a donation to Ag for Life in honour of an individual(s) or organization.

In Memory
Make a donation to Ag for Life that is in memory of an individual.

Monthly Donation
Make a monthly donation to Ag for Life.

Thank you for your support. Each donation will be put to immediate use as we deliver educational programming to improve rural and farm safety and build a genuine understanding and appreciation of the impact agriculture has on lives.

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