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Two museum visitors – one is 90 and the other, 13. The first seems lonely and a little forlorn, looking to remember the adventures and victories of his youth. The second is wide-eyed and excited; she is thrilled to learn about the role played by the men and women of Canada’s Air Force.

Both love the Air Force Museum for opening their eyes and hearts to both what has gone before and the promise of what lies ahead.

No one wants war, especially those who have fought in them; however, the world has been and remains a dangerous place for freedom-loving peoples.

The world wants and needs countries like Canada to create the environment for peace and then to help preserve it. Throughout history, Canadians have never shirked the call for help from abroad. This call has come to Canada for two reasons. First, because of our willingness to stand on guard and to take up arms when needed and, even more importantly, because of our demonstrated ability to respect the dignity of others.

We want our guests to leave invigorated with knowledge of our military accomplishments and an appreciation of the fact that peace is not just the absence of war but the protection of hard won freedoms.

The purpose of the Air Force Museum Society of Alberta is to promote an awareness of the significant contributions made by the Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF) to our country, province and community, with an emphasis on:

  • Air Force establishments in Alberta;
  • distinguished Air Force personnel;
  • artifacts related to the history, customs and traditions of the Royal Canadian Air Force
  • the history of the Royal Canadian Air Cadet League of Canada

The Museum, supported by the Society, shall procure, restore, preserve and exhibit artifacts of Air Force historical significance, in accordance with the collection policy of the Society. In addition to carrying out those activities, the Museum will seek to serve the residents of the Province of Alberta by promoting special activities and educational programs at the Museum.

The Society shall assist interested organizations and individuals in liaising with such experts regarding research into matters of Air Force historical significance.

The Society will ensure that the business and operations will be carried on without purpose of gain for its members, and that any profits and/or other accretions to the Society shall be used in promoting its objectives. The Society has the right to receive gifts, donations and bequests from other parties and government agencies.

The Air Force Museum Society of Alberta operates programs under the aegis of The Military Museums.  A complete list of programs is summarized below or can be found at this link:

Education / Public Programs:  The Military Museums offers a wide variety of educational programs, activities and tours to School groups. Museum Tours and Theatre Presentations are also available to Public groups for booking.

School Group Bookings:  A variety of Activities and Presentations are available for School Groups with different levels of curriculum content.

Public Tour Bookings:  The Military Museums offers Public groups the opportunity to book Museum Tours and Theatre Presentations for groups of 20 people or more. This includes groups such as Scouts/Cubs, Guides, Cadets, Seniors and others. For groups smaller than 20, please contact Bookings to make arrangements.


Pride in our military history and paying respect to the men and women who made it happen is a core element of being a Canadian. Being a member of a team that is telling that story is gratifying for everyone. You can be a part of the team that makes the Air Force Museum of Alberta soar. You will be a part of two main initiatives.


  • to acknowledge the accomplishments of the RCAF;
  • to remember the contributions the Air Force has made to world peace; and
  • to pay respect to the serving and retired women and men of the air force who made the great victory of the Cold War possible.


At a very strategic level, it is obvious that all of the individuals and organizations participating with us also want to contribute. They see that they are helping Canadians grow as they come to a better understanding of what has been accomplished in the past. Although this knowledge and motivation is focussed on the RCAF, the lessons are applicable to Canadian society in general. Knowing what has been accomplished motivates us to keep Canada a country worth protecting. Everyone has a role to play in keeping Canada strong and free.

And you have to admit that the planes are pretty awesome and fun to be around!!

Pride in our past and hope for the future. That’s what motivates us as a team to give something back to our country. And it is clear that everyone is enjoying their role, takes pride in their contribution and is finding it so rewarding to be on the Museum team.

You can be a member of this motivated team in many different ways. Give us a try – we think you’ll be very glad you did. Just email [email protected] to get started.

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