Airdrie Pastoral Charge

we serve these populations

  • aging population
  • children and youth
  • women

we need help with:

  • education
  • faith
  • food security
  • mental health
  • music

Airdrie Pastoral Charge is the charity supporting the Airdrie United Church. This church is located in downtown Airdrie (212-1 Ave ) and has been a centre for worship for over 100 years. The Church also operates an Education Centre on site with tenants providing a range of education opportunities (eg Airdrie Music School) and community services (eg Pregnancy Care Centre). They also rent space to Family Life Church of the Nazarene with an active food security program and a developing counselling service. A number of non-profit and voluntary groups also enjoy space for their activities at this site.

Airdrie United Church needs to rebuild. In so doing, the goal is to evolve their mission to enhance both their financial sustainability and community service with a “hub go well-being”. Service possibilities include a new Community Life Centre/multi-purpose Sanctuary, rent-affordable housing , and expanded outreach in a more accessible Education Centre.

Airdrie Pastoral Charge creates an opportunity for individuals and groups to partner with AUC in supporting their mission through donations and grants..

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Rev. Eva Beiderman


(403) 949-5527


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