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Supporting, promoting and coordinating social betterment programs for people at risk by overcoming barriers to addiction recovery and mental health issues.

Our Story

Why We Exist

We have walked the walk, talked the talk and experienced first hand the chaos addiction and trauma based mental health issues spread. As individuals who have been on this journey both as addicts, persons in recovery and families of those in addiction and recovery, we sought to create change in the current recovery models offered.

An environmental scan of the resources available to those humans on an addiction healing journey indicated this need for community and connection, at any stage in recovery, is not available. There is a gap in support for those who have completed treatment but seek support to integrate into the community, build self worth and control into their lives. A person might comply with sobriety in the short-term, but find that it doesn’t stick. In fact, we know that most traditional programs, particularly ones that advertise a “guarantee of success” toward a singular outcome of sobriety, see high rates of sobriety at the program’s completion, but questionable rates of long-term success. And in reviewing over four decades of research, Bill Miller and Bill White found that not a single study supported the confrontational approach as better than kinder and less harmful treatments. By contrast, when people have a say in the course of their recovery, it is more effective.

Recovery where clients drive the outcomes, where services incorporate formal, real time feedback from clients, has better retention and outcomes. In this approach, people have a stake in their healing and are often clearer about what they want and value. The result is deeper and more sustainable change. Renegotiating relationships to substances takes time and, more often than not, involves making mistakes. Yet, many recovery programs view relapses as a sign of failure or even as grounds to kick someone out of their programs, rather than as a part of the natural course of recovery. Renegotiating substance use on a person’s own terms allows them to go deeper and open up possibilities.

Solely encouraging someone to shift their behavior just scratches the surface. Addressing the symptom without treating the pain that informs it does not address the cycle of addiction. When the conversation becomes less about taking away a person’s escape from pain and more about addressing the pain that drives these behaviors, the possibilities for effective recovery multiply.


What are a person’s fears, dreams, and desires? What gives them meaning in life and how can they reconnect with their sense of inner purpose?

Our Impact

What We Do

To serve people struggling with addiction, by offering them holistic tools and techniques, for healing, resilience and transformation.

To provide clients and their families holistic services that heal patterns of addiction while fostering compassion, connection, and community.

At Alberta Association for Better Communities, clients are given the respect and nurturing care they deserve. We believe everyone in need of trauma recovery, including addiction and PTSD, is capable of achieving their full potential.

It is with our philosophy that we teach you the management tools to reclaim your life as you move through your recovery.

Our objective is to address the inner core of addiction with Compassionate Inquiry, holistic programming and support services to reframe inner beliefs and heal the underlying pain that has allowed addiction to manifest.

In our programs people in pre and post treatment recovery, their families and friends, can exchange information, develop a support system and create a sense of hope, in a warm, caring and welcoming atmosphere.

We advance the practical application of programs and projects by making such initiatives available to the public by creating, distributing, disseminating and implementing tools, systems and programs for the benefit of individuals, families and communities.

Our Programs

How We Do It

Our model of approaching addiction recovery is to unearth the root causes of addiction, taking a holistic, whole-life approach to change, and acknowledging the profound opportunity that addiction provides in a person’s life to rediscover their true self. Our certified coaches work with clients individually and in groups to integrate new insights and positive changes into their daily life. Coaching provides the ongoing truth conversations, strategic planning, structure, accountability, life-skills training, and community to work through the fears, pains, wounds, and burdens that underlie and perpetuate addiction.

Through the program clients are guided to strategically design a new daily discipline that supports them holistically so they can create the conditions of sobriety, resilience, connection and community.

Our community focused model helps to heal the mind, heart and spirit of trauma and addiction recovery.

Through a compassionate approach to addictions, healing is possible with our recovery model that supports wholeness.

Our Requests

What You Can Do

We require financial donations to fund our programs and continue to help those in recovery.

We require volunteers who are willing to be mentors to our humans in need of compassion and connection.



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