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  • Disabilities
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  • mental health
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  • science and research

For over 30 years, the Alberta Diabetes Foundation has funded forward-thinking diabetes research in Alberta. The first 12 years focused on islet cell transplantation, research that was considered “too radical” and was stalled due to a lack of funding. The founding members of ADF believed this innovative research would improve quality of life for people with diabetes and they worked to make it happen. This research led to the “Edmonton Protocol” – still an international standard of care. Today, ADF funds studentships, emerging research, and innovations in research that disrupt traditional thinking and have a cure-based approach.

In Alberta alone, an estimated 26% of people live with diabetes. Diabetes is still a leading cause of blindness and accounts for 30% of strokes and 40% of heart attacks. Continued improvement in treatment and management strategies will lead to healthier, longer lives for people with diabetes. Finding a cure would impact millions globally and save future generations from physical, emotional and financial complications that people with diabetes deal with daily.

ADF supports Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes research. For 2023, we have chosen 7 innovative, high-potential research projects, each with yearly operating budgets above $100,000. Funds are distributed based on the most urgent needs within these labs. Each project has a unique approach and focus, and we believe this is the best way to optimize our chances of reaching our goal – a world without diabetes.

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