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Alberta Ecotrust Foundation

Alberta Ecotrust is a unique partnership between the corporate sector and the environmental community. Together, we invest in the people and projects that protect the natural systems we rely on for life and prosperity.

Our Story

Why We Exist

“In a world where environmental issues are many and complex, the cooperative effort of people with diverse views and backgrounds is vital to finding workable solutions.” – Ecotrust co-founders Rob Macintosh and Michael Robertson, 1992

What began as a casual conversation between two visionary Albertans, one from the corporate sector and one from the nonprofit sector, has evolved into 27 years of close cooperation between participating companies, environmental groups and dedicated Albertans.

Our Impact

What We Do

Water. Land Use. Climate Change. These are the environmental priorities Albertans have told us they most care about, so they have become our priorities, too. We support the people and organizations working to protect them, and we invest in projects that either directly or indirectly improve the way they are managed and preserved. And we provide the tools necessary for Albertans to be responsible stewards of the things they care about.

Our Programs

How We Do It

We achieve our mission through three main programs: environmental grant making, capacity building, and community collaboration. Together, we fund non-profit environmental projects, strengthen the ability of the voluntary sector to affect positive environmental change, and promote the environment as the foundation of a healthy community.

Our Requests

What You Can Do

You are part of the solution.

Learn about the people, projects and programs working to improve the health of our environment, our home. Connect with us via our e-newsletter, Facebook and Twitter.

Join our family of dedicated Albertans by becoming a donor. Together we’ll turn brilliant ideas into positive community projects that protect our environment for all Albertans.

Share our organization with your organization. By becoming a corporate or environmental partner, your organization can participate in our solution space of shared learning, decision-making, open dialogue, and mutual respect.


Rod Ruff

Program Director


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