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Why is science important? Science surrounds us every day - from downloading an app to flying a kite or understanding climate change. Children who are interested in science will be the critical thinkers, innovators and technologists of the future.

Our Story

Why We Exist

  • “I had so much fun my brain was about to explode! I wish we could do it again.”
  • “Thank you for taking your time and coming to our class and being a part of our learning.”
  • “I think using your hands is one of the best ways to learn.”

– Student quotes following Scientists & Engineers-in-the-Classroom presentations.

ASN is committed to creating awareness that science is fun, and integral to daily life. We believe that science outreach is vital to raising a science-literate population that embraces new technologies, is aware of science in the world around us and is interested in pursuing science-based careers and pastimes.

In Alberta’s vibrant economy, the demand is huge for educated, skilled workers in the fields of science and technology. In response, CSN’s scientists are enthusiastic to speak about new technologies, new career opportunities, and new research so that students have their eyes wide open when making decisions that will impact their future career opportunities.

Research clearly shows that science education is key for the next generation.

  • The new 3Rs …reasoning, resilience and responsibility are requirements in the next generation economy to find science, technology and environmental solutions to increasingly complex problems (1)
  • Canada receives a D grade and ranks 14th out of 17 countries, remaining a below average performer in its ability to innovate (2)
  • A University of Alberta study identified that 50% of elementary teachers in Alberta had not taken a mathematics course at university, 64% have never taken a pure science course and 88% had not studied in the applied sciences (3)

(1) Living Literacy, Government of Alberta; (2) Conference Board of Canada, June 2011; (3) Elementary Science Education in Alberta Schools, Rowell and Ebbers 2004

Our Impact

What We Do

“The best presentation I have ever seen with my students was by Dr. Lucio through the Alberta Science Network, and was entitled “Chemistry All Around You.” Dr. Lucio has a wonderful sense of humor and the uncanny ability to grab the attention of students and to never let it go, not even for a second of his hour long presentation. He is a dedicated professional who shares his scientific knowledge and love of science in a way that is infectious, entertaining, and educational, all at the same time.

Through the Alberta Science Network, I have had the pleasure of receiving many exceptional educational opportunities, including professional development sessions, guest speakers and presentations, over the past 8 years. I teach grade 7 Science at St. Albert the Great school in Calgary, and I am in my 11th year of teaching. I have taught Science 7 for about 7 years, and continue to learn different ways to teach the curriculum to my students and get them excited about scientific careers for the future.”

Our enthusiastic volunteer scientists and engineers offer unique face-to-face opportunities like this for thousands of students and their teachers every year! The presentations are accessible to all schools at no cost – limited only by volunteer availability.

Our Mission | We bring science to life for kids through hands on activities and provide educators with tools and resources to get kids excited about science.

Our Vision | Kids inspired by science who have fun discovering its relevance to everyday life. Uniquely Albertan for over 20 years. Our volunteers have reached hundreds of thousands of students across the province, sharing their passion for science!

Our Accomplishments | With barely six months of full operations here are some of our accomplishments:

  • 43,101 students experienced face-to-face science experiences delivered by volunteer scientists, engineers and STEM experts
  • 933 teachers participated in 53 hands-on science professional development workshops – potentially impacting 23,325 more students
  • 1,236 students experienced a full-day science program
  • $0 cost to schools thanks to the generosity of ASN’s supporters

Our Programs

How We Do It

Our core programs, Scientists & Engineers-in-the-Classroom and Teacher Workshops, provide interactive experiences that enrich science learning for students and their teachers. We bring science to life for kids through hands on activities and provide educators with tools and resources to get kids excited about science!

  • Scientists & Engineers-in-the-Classroom is our core program for students. Enthusiastic scientists, engineers and technologists are matched with requests for curriculum-related presentations from schools. Volunteers share their passion for science and engineering, explain the relevance of science to everyday life and provide information about science-related careers. Visits include hands-on activities or engaging demos that enhance student learning and get kids excited about science! Teachers learn from the presentations too, impacting future classes.
  • Teacher Workshops offer high quality professional development at subsidized rates. The workshops are co-led by an enthusiastic scientist/engineer and an experienced teacher, ensuring accurate science and classroom-friendly activities. Teachers learn how to get their students excited about science with next-day lesson ideas and hands-on, minds-on activities.

Other programs are offered in many regions – go to to read more.

Our Requests

What You Can Do

“You never know which student in the class may be taking their very first steps toward a career in Science.” Dr. John Cox, Chair of Earth Sciences, Mount Royal University and ASN volunteer

Volunteer! | Our programs are excellent because our volunteers are outstanding! Is the Discovery Channel your favourite? Do you hate to miss an episode of NOVA or the Nature of Things? If you answered yes, you might like to be a Scientists & Engineers-in-the-Classroom volunteer! Share your passion for with local students and help get kids excited about science! Find out more about volunteering at

Donate | Thanks to our generous donors, programs for all schools are FREE and Teacher Workshops are subsidized. To help us reach more students and their teachers please make a donation today at


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Alberta Science Network: An Alberta Society


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