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  • women

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Requesting $25000


66% of students at Alberta University of the Arts (formerly Alberta College of Art + Design) need financial support to finish their degrees, and 61% need to work the entire year, not just the summer, to pay their bills.

Help us help remove this barrier to their success by donating to our Boost-A-Student fund which provides emergency bursaries to students facing unexpected financial needs.

Your donations support a particularly diverse community. 61% of our student population identifies as cis-women, 30% do not identify as cis gender, meaning the smallest population is cis-men at 9%. Only 31% identify as heterosexual, with sexual orientations including bisexual, queer, asexual and pansexual. 31% of students identify as having a disability with substantially greater risk of mental health disorders. 25% are visible minorities, with 9% Indigenous.

Celebrating our centennial anniversary in 2026, AUArts is the only art, craft and design university in Alberta and the prairies, and one of only four in Canada. We offer graduate and undergraduate degrees, educating 1,200 students annually through hands-on studio learning.

AUArts students and graduates, are first and foremost critical thinkers and problem solvers. And with your help, you can directly boost the lives of our students.

Help boost students who need it most – Follow this link to support AUArts Students directly:

For more information contact us at [email protected] or #403.284.6238

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