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All Access Ministries Society

All Access Ministries equips students of all backgrounds through live events to discover their unique potential and collaborates with parents and teachers to support that process through a common language defined by the students.

Our Story

Why We Exist

Our story began with a mission to reach at-risk and disengaged youth.
Inspiring students to engage in their reality has developed into helping school communities, families and students discover a greater purpose.

We launched ‘All Access’ in the winter of 2009. Supported by a team of people who saw the value in making a difference in the lives of students, we courageously took an ALL IN step to make it happen.
Our vision has always been to help people discover their place and conviction. We started with a belief that if we could help people see the value and significance of who they are, we would see a positive change in our communities. Our hope is to give a platform for people to share their story, and be inspired by others who have sincerely shared theirs.

As more students shared their stories with us, we discovered a need to help navigate conversations between the students and their greatest influence – their parents.
Students had something to say and an intense desire to say it.  We found a way to help them share their story.  Our live events expanded to include evening sessions with parents and we developed a method to help parents see these stories and give suggestions and ideas of how to respond.

Our Impact

What We Do

Our goal is to create an opportunity for reflection, motivation, communication and action through our events. We guide people through a process that allows them to reflect on their relationships, decisions and how they can make a difference. Every event closes with a clear call to action: to make an ‘ALL IN’ decision! – that means to make the most of the gifts and opportunities everyday.

Our Programs

How We Do It

Our live events are special.  After 7 years and 500 events, we’ve learned a thing or two.

  • Michael Chiasson delivers energetic, engaging school events for junior and senior high school students that mix music, personal stories, and reflection that encourages students to consider their relationships, direction and intention. In addition, students are asked to complete a simple statement at the events, “Things I wish my parents knew…”   The letters are submitted anonymously, reveal a range of emotions, and are intensely honest – at times emotionally raw.
  • Parent events are built around sharing the content we have received from the students.  We provide the top 7 most frequent responses and the tools and resources to help rebuild and strengthen the parent’s relationship with their teenagers.




Our Requests

What You Can Do

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We help students see the significance of who they are, and how their decisions, actions and relationships will impact everything they do.

Our goal is to create an opportunity for reflection, motivation, communication and purpose. We guide the students through a process that allows them to reflect on their relationships, direction and intention. Every event closes with a clear call to action: make an ‘ALL IN’ decision to live out your unique mission by making your next best decision, the best decision.



Michael Chiasson

Executive Director


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