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We work in three areas:

  • climate adaptation – helping municipalities all over Alberta understand the latest science on what the climate will look like in their region by 2050. We guide community leaders to assess key threats and opportunities posed by climate change to local economies, infrastructure, services, health and lifestyle of residents. Then we develop an action plan to guide decision-makers to include climate risks into all future economic, emergency and environmental planning.
  • energy poverty – we have developed grassroots programs (Energy Angels) and policy primers (Tackling Energy Poverty – An Agenda for Alberta) to address the inability of financially-strapped families to properly heat and power their homes at a reasonable cost. Our research indicates that one in six households has difficulty paying utility bills. Recently, we convened a workshop of 40 people in the environmental, poverty and government communities to devise strategies to eliminate energy poverty in Alberta.
  • climate mitigation – we work with community leaders to understand the key sources of their greenhouse gas emissions and devise action plans to get their communities onboard to map out a low-carbon future.

Climate Resilience Express – we help your community understand your future climate and prepare for it. Our website offers DIY tools to assess and prioritize your risks and prepare an action plan.

Energy Poverty – we develop policy on the impact of climate change on economically-disadvantaged families in Alberta. We are part of the Energy Poverty Roundtable with the Canadian Poverty Institute, ENMAX Energy, Aspen Family Services, among others, to develop an energy poverty strategy for Alberta.

Energy Angels – we develop programs to help weatherize the homes of low-income Albertans.

Climate Resilience Exchange – All One Sky is working with the communities of the Edmonton Capital Region to develop a regional, coordinated plan to address climate risks.Here are ways you can help us:


  • $100 buys a package of energy-efficient water- and energy-saving devices, weather-stripping, window vinyl, etc. for a low-income family.
  • $1000 helps us visit a neighborhood to help community leaders plan for a low-carbon future
  • $5000 helps us prepare, publish and market an energy poverty strategy for Alberta


  • help us network and get the word out about our programs
  • install weather-stripping, light bulbs, faucets in low-income homes
  • join our board or help us with strategic planning

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