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Antyx Community Arts Society

We use arts and community development processes to create opportunities for youth to become more engaged in their community and experience increased community connection. We develop collaborative community arts projects that engage youth and communities. Our plans receive direct input from youth.

Our Story

Why We Exist

Curtis was referred to an Antyx community mural project by a community youth justice committee. He had committed his first criminal offense and needed to complete a number of mandated community service hours. He was a reluctant participant at first, showing little enthusiasm and declining to participate in much of the opening dialogue and project brainstorming. It was obvious he felt he was required to be there.

As Curtis continued to put in his hours, changes began to occur. He began to help more with the project set-up and clean-up. He began to build more open connections with Antyx Staff and project artists. He began to connect socially and work cooperatively with the the other youth working on the project. Curtis invited his mother and sister to some of the mural painting sessions. He helped them paint parts of the mural and proudly showed them his work.

Once his community service hours were completed, Curtis continued to work on the mural. He was the only project participant to attend every project session. At the mural unveiling celebration he received recognition and compliments from community members thankful for the mural the youth had created. During the celebration, Curits connected with each of the Antyx staff and project artists thanking them for the opportunity help create the mural and enthusiastically volunteering for the next mural project.

Antyx uses the Arts to provide youth, especially youth who are marginalised, with the means to understand themselves, connect with others and make a positive difference in their communities.

Antyx’s community-based art projects and programs foster critical thinking, encourages creative problem solving, promotes youth leadership and inspires collaboration. We support youth and community groups in Calgary in using the arts to address social issues that prevent youth from being safe, included and successful.

“To put it simply, art takes flight. Each art piece, theatre creation or photo captured is a direct result of youth identifying an issue that they relate with, understand and connect with. They recognize the imbalance of power, or oppression that each belief/stereotype/myth/action/ inaction holds to their lives and the lives of people around them. Then they create a piece of art that questions, challenges and hopefully brings social change by choosing an audience that can be inspired to take action or challenged to break an unhealthy belief system.” (Antyx Staff)


Our Impact

What We Do

Antyx Community Arts is a creatively unique organization that uses the arts as a tool to engage youth who are marginalized in their communities and mobilizes youth and community organizations in finding creative ways to address the issues that marginalize youth.

Vision: Creative, vibrant communities fostering inclusion, participation, and potential.

Mission: Community Arts: engaging, empowering, transforming.

Values: We are enthusiastically committed to: Integrity, Diversity, Inclusivity, Creativity, and Empowerment

History: Antyx was formed on January 1, 2010 when All Nations Theatre and Urban Youth Worx merged and began operating as a single community arts organization. All Nations Theatre had worked in Calgary since 1992 engaging youth in participatory theatre projects that explored issues identified by youth. Founded in 1998, Urban Youth Worx supported the development of Arts Based community development projects across Calgary.

Engagement: The creation of Antyx has sparked tremendous opportunities to engage youth and communities in using the arts to explore critical issues and make positive change. We have just begun to realize the potential that our newly formed larger organization has to increase our ability to engage individuals, communities and organizations in using the arts to make positive change in communities.

Our community arts projects and programs provide a creative empowering experience for youth participants. Our interactive arts processes focus on the exploration of youth identified community issues and have many attributes that foster positive youth development. Youth not only participate in an arts based program they have opportunities to develop leadership skills and provide a community service through the presentation of art that encourages community discussion and problem solving about youth identified issues.

In every project we aspire to engage youth as artists, activists and leaders in their communities.

Impact: Participation in Antyx community arts programs provides youth with numerous opportunities to build skills, enhance protective factors, and form community based relationships that help to reduce youth vulnerability. These programs have a tremendously positive impact, not just on the youth and their families, but also in their communities.

Our Programs

How We Do It

Just like the youth we work with, each Antyx project is unique. Whether it is writing a hip hop song or shooting a video, producing a live theatre performance or painting a community mural, each Antyx project is youth-centred and addresses issues directly relating to the lives of project participants.

Projects can vary in length, intensity and number of youth involved, reflecting Antyx’ ongoing commitment to customize programs to the needs of the community, while also empowering youth to take ownership over projects and leadership skills.

We are currently focused on delivering creative programs within the communities of Greater Forest Lawn and North of McKnight. Our diverse projects are delivered in spaces in communities across Calgary that are easily accessible to youth who have few recreational opportunities.

For more information, visit our website:


Our Requests

What You Can Do

Attend and Support Youth Arts Events: Come out and catch a play, watch a video screening, meet the artists at a photo exhibition or celebrate the unveiling of a new community mural or sculpture. Attending an Antyx Community Arts event is a great way to show your appreciation for the talent and creativity of young community artists and participate in creative discussions about issues important to youth. Visit our website ( or follow us on Facebook or Twitter to find out about upcoming events.

Share your talent: We know the huge difference that artists can make for youth and communities when they give their time and talent. If you are an artist and would like to explore new opportunities to mentor youth and engage with the community-give us a call and we can talk about how you can support our community arts work.

Be a Community Arts Patron:  Antyx is committed to working with youth in Greater Forest Lawn and the North of McKnight communities in using the arts to make a positive difference where they live.  Contributing to a community arts project is a great way to support the youth in these communities.  Imagine if you could enable youth from Forest Lawn to create a sculpture for a new park in their community or help a group teens in North of McKnight to paint a permanent mural that reflects their connection to where they live in their own neighbourhood!

  • Projects costs range from $2,000 to $20,000 and your contribution will help engage artists, buy art supplies, rent equipment, book rehearsal space, etc.

Become a Record Producer: Support our newest initiative! We need resources to support a group of 8-10 youth in building the skills they need to record a CD with an Anti-Discrimination /Anti-Violence message. The group will work with Hip Hop artists, Poets and musicians, to write their own rhymes/lyrics, create music and beats and then record an album of the songs they write. The recording project will allow the participants to build their understanding of how they can challenge discrimination and violence, develop new artistic and technical skills and create a positive message for the community.

  • We need $15,000 to engage artist mentors, cover equipment and space costs and produce the album. Let us know if want to invest in developing new young artists so they can share a positive message.

Our Board Needs A Lawyer:  Antyx is currently looking for a lawyer to join our Board of Directors to help ensure accountability for all our stakeholders by supporting organizational risk management and helping to insure all organizational obligations are met.

  • We are looking  for  someone who is excited about our work in the community, enjoys working as a member of a team and can commit 6-8 hours a month.

If you are interested in any of these opportunities please email: [email protected] or  call us at 403 444 0500.