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We support projects that make the general population aware of the issues and impact of prejudice; create an environment of respect through education; and develop the capacity within those less tolerant for understanding and acceptance.

Our Story

Why We Exist

SOGI 123 helps educators make schools inclusive and safe for students of all sexual orientations and gender identities (SOGI) by equipping them with tools, resources and peer-to-peer relationships to increase capacity in policies, environments and curriculum. ARC Foundation (ARC) created SOGI 123 in BC in collaboration with provincial, district and community partners.

SOGI 123 launched in Alberta in September 2017 with many tangible benefits and results. Our comprehensive evaluation includes feedback from provincial partners and educators at the beginning and the end of every year. Surveys in June 2018 clearly demonstrate that the SOGI Educator Network is of high value to educators and that there is a need for increased Alberta-specific resources and ongoing support and coaching for educators.

ARC seeks to scale the SOGI Educator Network from its founding group in Edmonton to the Calgary area, where local Calgary K-12 educators, students, and parents will help develop tools and resources to educate about SOGI topics. This community of practice will enable local educators to share best practices and support one another, while new supports and tools will allow educators to increase capacity and better understand and support LGBTQ students in local schools.

ARC Foundation prioritizes projects with an LGBTQ focus. For the past 5 years, ARC Foundation has led SOGI 123 in collaboration with various local and international LGBTQ organizations.

ARC Foundation believes change will happen if we work together, and a key element of ARC Foundation’s success and sustainability strategy has been collaboration with partners in the education system and community.

Our Impact

What We Do

ARC Foundation created SOGI 123 in BC and in October 2016 and successfully launched the SOGI Educator Network in Alberta in September 2017. This model has proven very successful with over 50 school districts in BC and nine districts in Edmonton.

The work plan for the Calgary SOGI Educator Network aligns with that already delivered in BC. It is based on a very important “bottom-up” grassroots approach that will engage Calgary educators right from the beginning of the program and will ensure that SOGI-inclusive tools resources address actual local needs.

Outside of the Calgary SOGI Educator Network, ARC is working with other local collaboration funders to deliver SOGI 123 in Edmonton and to support Alberta provincial education partners. This work plan is aligned with other deliverables and will leverage the impact of Calgary Foundation support.

Our Programs

How We Do It

The project will run from January 2019-June 2020. We will formalize partnerships with Calgary-based school districts and not-for-profit collaborators through spring 2019 and produce educator resources in summer 2019. The Network will run from September 2019-June 2020 with 6-9 Calgary and area school districts. Each district will have a SOGI District Lead and these District Leads will meet every 6-8 weeks to share ideas, problem solve and build a community of practice around SOGI-inclusive education. Participants will have access to a unique toolkit of resources. District Leads will recruit Leads in each school who will provide an important point of contact for students and families. School Leads raise awareness of SOGI in their schools by sharing, implementing and developing SOGI-inclusive practices and initiatives.

This model has proven very successful with over 50 school districts in BC and is based on pioneering work started here in Alberta. ARC has a proven track record of positive collaborations with Alberta-based foundations and looks forward to exploring this new opportunity to strengthen our collective impact and further affect positive change in schools in Calgary and area.

Our Requests

What You Can Do

We have been overwhelmed by the positive response to SOGI 1 2 3, and all the educators, parents, and community members who have championed this work and contributed their time, skills, and/or financial support.

After many requests, we are now providing an option for online donations for those who feel inspired. Other non-monetary contributions are equally welcome, and your curiosity and openness are all we ask.

Please note that SOGI 1 2 3 is not a registered charity but rather a project of the ARC Foundation. Donations will go to ARC Foundation for direct allocation to SOGI 1 2 3, with tax receipts similarly issued by ARC.


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