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  • aging population
  • children and youth
  • immigrant newcomers
  • indigenous communities
  • women

we need help with:

  • addiction recovery
  • education
  • mental health
  • physical health
  • science and research

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The word “listen” and “silent” comprise the same letters; they are simply rearranged.  Today, in our world with such chaos, there are few listeners, but many talkers. What we need to do today is to cultivate the habit of listening to others–listening to different points of view, different opinions.

We think too much.  Ninety percent of our stress comes from over-thinking. Can we take a few moments of silence and then look at any incidents with a clear mind?  If we can create this habit, we can resolve many conflicts that we have in our lives.

This attitude to listen to others’ point of view is essential.

Can we make a world that is more compassionate?  Compassion is already in us.  It’s the stress that overshadows the compassion. Remember the flood in Calgary in 2013? So many people came forward to help out.  We all have the element of human value within us, that chord of compassion, of valuing life, if that is touched, anything is possible.

Within Calgary, a strong team of dedicated teachers and volunteers work towards the vision of creating a violence-free, stress-free city.  In 2021, Art of Living’s programs impacted over 5000 Calgarians.

Like the rest of the world, Calgary has been hard hit by the myriad stresses resulting from COVID. Stress is inevitable. With this rise in stress levels, there is also a corresponding rise in awareness of the need to tackle it more effectively.

The breathing and meditation techniques taught through the Art of Living Foundation have been well-researched. The studies clearly show a significant and lasting reduction of stress, even in high stress groups like war veterans, depression  patients and prison inmates. Some of the research material is listed at this website

Through partnerships with organization such as the Alex Community Health
Centre, Calgary Drop-In & Rehab Centre, YMCA, and the Brenda Stafford Centre, Art of Living aims to provide stress-relief and personal development programming to city residents in all walks of life.

As a foundation, our aim has always been to uphold human values. As their stress levels decrease, people naturally become more inclined to be of service to the greater community around them.  As such, our volunteers often take up initiatives wherever they see a need in the city.  For example, AOL volunteers played a key role in the flood relief efforts in 2013, rehabilitating nearly 350 homes.  Our vision is to remain an epicentre of such service initiatives within the city.

Within the City of Calgary, Art of Living offers the following programs:
– SKY Breath Meditation Program (a holistic health program encompassing physical, mental, and spiritual health);
– Art of Meditation Program;
– Sri Sri Yoga Program;
– Silent Retreats;
– Ayurvedic health consultations;
– Ayurvedic nutritional workshops;
– Video knowledge series on wellness topics;
– Volunteer training;
– Weekly Meditation sessions open to the public; and
– Public community gatherings which include knowledge, singing, and community building;

Funding from donors like you helps us to keep the costs of our programs free or affordable, allowing us to reach the maximum number of people.  We express our gratitude in advance for your kind support!


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