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Are you interested in keeping youth active and safe while playing sport?

Your donation will help support the development and delivery of visually appealing, free, and evidence-based digital resources that improve knee injury prevention & management education for children and adolescents, their caregivers, coaches and teachers.

Youth participation in both competitive and recreational sport is increasing. While this has important positive implications to health and wellbeing, it also comes with a higher risk of musculoskeletal (MSK) injury ~ injury to the bones and joints.

Injury is a significant concern in youth sport as it can negatively impact a young person’s quality of life due to reduced physical activity, missed school days, pain, anxiety or depression, social isolation, and an increased risk of obesity and early onset osteoarthritis.

Our new “Keeping Kids in Play” Program targets and benefits children (aged 5-11), adolescents (aged 12-18) and young adults (aged up to 24) who are at significant risk of a primary or secondary knee injury.

Your support will allow the creation of educational videos on various topics related to youth injury prevention, rehabilitation, injury management, and safe return to sport. The rehabilitation series of these videos will demonstrate safe exercise alternatives to traditional physical therapy exercises, as well as to encourage engagement in activities such as a family hike or cycling on bike pathways.

Once developed, online digital resources offer a cost-effective way of providing educational material to a wide audience that does not require ongoing or renewed funding.


Please visit our website to learn more about our other education initiatives, as well as our research programs.


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