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Banff Sport Medicine Foundation

Our Mission is to prevent, treat, rehabilitate, and research musculoskeletal and sport injuries among people of all ages and abilities.

Our Story

Why We Exist

The Banff Sport Medicine Foundation (BSMF) was founded in 2017 by a group of like-minded individuals who believe there is a better way to deliver care in the area of orthopaedic sport medicine.  Based on the extensive research and real-life experiences of a unique group of medical practitioners, the BSMF believes that early intervention and a full continuum approach to orthopedic care will deliver life changing benefits to patients and the community as a whole.

The current pathway for patient referral to orthopaedic surgery in Canada is generally very fragmented and poorly integrated with other health care providers. This often results in the injured patient waiting to see the incorrect health care provider, leading to long delays in treatment, and increased health care costs.  The two main “stressors“ for patients entering into the healthcare system are excessive wait times, and inadequate understanding or expectation of the care pathway. This problem is only amplified if the patient is sent to an inappropriate specialist or down an incorrect pathway.

The Vision of the BSMF is to support world-class sport medicine and arthroscopy clinical care, research and education. We plan to carry out this Vision by building a new, state-of-the-art orthopedic clinic and research facility to effectively integrate a multi-disciplinary team: getting the patient to the right healthcare provider at the right time. This model can improve clinical outcomes and enhance the physical and mental well-being of patients.

Another primary goal of BSMF at this time is to create and build a sustaining fund that will enable us to expand on the success of our research and education programs.

Our Impact

What We Do

The BSMF will augment and support the activities of Banff Sport Medicine (BSM), which has been delivering excellent orthopaedic care for over 25 years, and has already established high-quality research and education programs.

Our program is unique in that the practice is located within a Canadian National Park. It is also within the referral area of greater Calgary, all of southern Alberta, as well as southeastern British Columbia, encompassing a potential patient population of over 1.5 million.

In our area the population is very active, pursuing outdoor mountain activities including hiking, mountain biking, rock climbing and trail running. The three local ski areas see 8,000 daily skier visits and there are another seven ski resorts within our region, as well as the world’s largest heli-skiing and cat-skiing industry, and numerous back-country lodges.

Because of our unique location, we are a leader in the diagnosis, treatment and research of sport medicine and orthopaedic injuries since 1992 and have become experts in knee injuries, completing between 500-600 knee surgeries each year, which amounts to greater than 25% of these surgeries in the province!

Our Programs

How We Do It

Sport Medicine Orthopaedic Care

Our world-class team of orthopaedic surgeons and sport medicine physicians work closely with physiotherapists and other healthcare providers to provide diagnosis and treatment to patients with musculoskeletal injuries across Western Canada. The BSM surgeons accept referrals from sport medicine physicians and other specialist physicians. The BSM sport medicine physicians accept referrals from family doctors, and allied health professionals. As experts in the diagnosis and management of musculoskeletal injuries, the sport medicine physicians are essential to your recovery after injury.

Orthopaedic Intake Clinic

For the range of orthopaedic and musculoskeletal disorders in our rural catchment area, BSM has developed a multi-disciplinary Intake clinic. This weekly clinic includes a physiotherapist, an orthotist, a sport-medicine physician as well as an orthopaedic surgeon.

Using this clinic model, BSM has reduced wait-times for acute musculoskeletal injury assessment as well as the wait-time from sport-medicine physician to orthopaedic surgeon.


Our team hosts education sessions on the acutely injured knee targeting community health care providers, including physicians, therapists, EMS, mountain guides and ski patrol. We teach hands-on physical exam skills as well as awareness of secondary injury. These initiatives improve the assessment skills of the community health care providers and build relationships to improve communication. For our patients, we provide education and pre-operative rehabilitation protocols on the benefits of linear exercise and motion while awaiting surgery, and discuss non-surgical treatment including therapy, bracing and lifestyle modification. All of these resources are provided to patients in writing while also being available on our clinic website for our patients and healthcare partners to use.


Our research team is uniquely positioned to answer some of the many unanswered questions in the field of orthopaedic sport medicine, and specifically surrounding acute knee injury. Our research group supports a highly developed research program that, for example, includes a database with over 2500 ACL and 600 patellar instability surgery cases, including pre- and post-operative data. The clinic has also partnered with local and regional physiotherapists to develop post-operative follow-up clinics. We participate in a wide variety of research projects including multi-centre and randomized clinical trials assessing surgical techniques, pain management, rehabilitation, and clinical outcomes. The research pillar of the practice is integral to our ability to provide excellent patient care that is evidence-based.

Our Requests

What You Can Do


Your financial support is essential to our on-going success and to realize the BSMF vision of proving world-class orthopaedic care to the community!

Your support will allow BSMF to expand on the success of our clinical practice, research and education.

Future expansion ideas include:

·         Patient self-referral for acute musculoskeletal injuries to bypass the referral process, and to effectively accept patients “direct from the ski patrol hut.”
·         Training “acute orthopaedic injury examiners” to facilitate the initial assessment of patients.
·         Appointing a “patient navigator” as the key contact for patients to provide consistent advice and care options.
·         Introducing a mobile knee assessment unit (i.e. “Knee Van”) which would visit local ski areas, sport organizations and schools to run education and injury prevention programs.
·         Coordinating an exercise and healthy living program targeting older patients to encompass the complete spectrum of musculoskeletal injury and osteoarthritis in the community.

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