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The Beltline Urban Murals Project is seeking extra funding for our Festival programming August 2020. Due to the pandemic, we’ve both lost our ability to host in-person events and funding that would have helped create alternative online programming. We are seeking out additional funds to help program online through August. The types of events will include video streaming of murals being painted, artist talks, mural tours, and live streamed music. The benefits of online programming:

-People can interact with the artists, murals, and painting process up-close and not constrained by the artists’ schedule.
-Calgarians can continue to engage with BUMP and the Calgary arts communities despite the pandemic.
-All streams and videos will be free for anyone to access.

We appreciate in advance the support received, and thank you for your interest in continuing to make Calgary a more vibrant city. Luckily, we have maintained our mural funding and will be painting around 20 new murals in August.

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