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Through a grass roots approach, we provide unique, integrated workshops in a peer group environment, kids living with a loss can interact and learn how to support each other while engaging in creative activities available at each session.

Our workshops are available as stand alone events, or can be customized to complement existing programming in partnership with other youth-oriented service providers, adding capacity to alternative childhood bereavement supports for those that might not otherwise have access.

Often, when a child experiences a death, a family income may be lost or unexpected expenses incurred, which creates a barrier to accessing kids’ and youth grief support resources. Thanks to generous supporters, donors, and community partners, our workshops are available at no cost to participants or organizations with whom we collaborate. In this way, we multiply our impact by reaching as many youth as possible who might not otherwise have the chance to participate.

In 2019, we hosted three stand-alone workshop series and two partnered workshops with a community youth service provider, helping 48 kids and youth on their grief journey.


 Each of our workshops follow this sequence of activities provided by facilitators volunteering their skills and time:

·        Therapy dog visit,

·        Movement and relaxation techniques (yoga exercises and guided mindfulness), and

·        Exploring emotions resulting from grief through creative activities and conversation.

Parents/caregivers are encouraged to meet and relax with refreshments in a separate area to share experiences and challenges in supporting grieving children in their care.



 We greatly appreciate your support in the following ways:

  • Volunteer opportunities to help us with facilitating our workshops.
  • Suggested contacts to help us spread awareness of our alternative youth bereavement resource (it can be challenging to know where to look for this type of support until you need it). We are happy to provide presentations to corporations, community service providers, educators, mental health professionals, professional development days, community associations…
  • Funding support to help cover our workshop costs to keep our programming available for free to participants (and community partners, who often work with limited program budgets).
    • $175 for one workshop,
    • $700 for one workshop series (occurs once per week for four weeks).

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