we serve these populations

  • children and youth
  • homelessness
  • immigrant newcomers
  • indigenous communities

we need help with:

  • addiction recovery
  • domestic violence
  • food security
  • mental health
  • physical health

Requesting $100000

non profit

Through volunteer power we provide tangible necessities, systems navigation & advocacy to help end the cycles of homelessness.

Our homeless serving, boots on the ground, street level outreach has been serving Calgarians experiencing homelessness for over 7 years. Last year, 2021, we served almost 17,000 individuals with emergency essentials while 13% received referrals to housing, shelter, medical/mental health, etc.

Our growing non profit is 90% volunteer run with 65 active volunteer outreach workers. As a growing non profit who manages a
fleet of volunteers we currently have 1 staff contracted at 35 hours per week. In order to sustain the growing level of need and provide the best services to folks often sleeping outside we require two more positions. This includes a Volunteer Coordinator to onboard, manage and schedule volunteers. To also create a volunteer advocacy tool kit. Also, a Fund development Coordinator to continue to file for grants, fundraisers, and grow our Private donor base for folks who want to help. Including creating fundraising tool kits for schools, businesses, churches, communities, etc.

These 2 new positions would allow our program to stabilize and set us up to thrive as we continue scaling services to support folks experiencing homelessness end their cycles through meeting them where they are at with tangible essentials, food, water, hygiene, clothing & program referrals. Running a program of this scale requires a small group of staff it’s best serve folks where they are at.

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CEO & Founder

(587) 224-9114


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