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“The care of rivers is not a question of rivers, but of the human heart.” -Tanaka Shozo

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The Bow River Basin Council (BRBC) is a multistakeholder charitable organization representing individuals and organizations that share a common vision – the water resources in the Bow Basin are our lifeline and are to be conserved and protected. The BRBC works collaboratively to nurture, share, and protect the waters of the Bow River Basin.

The BRBC provides a common platform, welcomes diverse perspectives, and brings people together to promote new solutions and strategies guided by science for a healthy watershed. We serve the collective interests of more than 1.5 million residents as a widely trusted voice of reason, respect, and balance within our watershed. It is a place for the people to come together and collaborate to protect and conserve the waters of the Bow River basin.


1980’s: The BRBC’s origins are rooted in the work of a provincial Task Force.
1991:  A Task Force Report included a recommendation to create a “watershed awareness” body that reported directly to the Minister of Environment. Thus, the first Bow River Water Quality Council (BRBWC) was created.
2000: The BRBWC formally merged with an independent charity and moved to “arms-length” from government.
2004: The Bow River Basin Council was designated as the Watershed Planning and Advisory Council (WPAC) for the Bow River Basin in Alberta’s Water for Life Strategy.
Today, the BRBC continues in its capacity as a WPAC. Comprised of over 450 active members and more than 700 participants from urban and rural municipalities; irrigation, agricultural, commercial and industrial companies; educational, recreational and ecological interests; Indigenous peoples; provincial and federal governments; and the general public.


  • Quarterly Education and Networking Forum
  • Science Committee Annual Science Forum
  • Legislation and Policy Committee Annual Workshop
  • Watershed Stewardship Coordination Committee Annual Workshop
  • The Freshwater Field Study with the Elbow River Watershed Partnership



  • Bow River Basin State of the Watershed Report
  • Integrated Climate – Groundwater – Surface Water Assessment of Eastern Slopes Rivers
  • Bow River Forest Aquatic Monitoring
  • Nose Creek Watershed Partnership
  • Jumping Pound Creek Watershed Partnership
  • Annual Watershed Stewardship Support Grant


To make the Bow River basin one of the best managed watersheds in the world where multiple uses are balanced, and the needs of all stakeholders are met while maintaining the ecological integrity of the watershed.


A river begins as a trickle and becomes stronger with every added drop of water.

The Council welcomes a diverse and devoted membership including members from a broad range of sectors. We welcome different perspectives, stewardship, integrated watershed planning, and education to lead the way in promoting science and conservation management for the future of the Bow River Basin.

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YOU are an important part of the solution! Consider becoming a member or making a gift to the BRBC so we can continue our good work.

Become a member! The expertise and time that you provide by becoming a member will add real value to the work we perform. Membership is free, but we hope our members are able to contribute time, or money (or both!) to support us in our important work.

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By supporting the BRBC, you will help conserve, protect, and improve the waters of the Bow River Basin for generations to come.


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Nourished by volunteers, donors and staff members, our list of accomplishments continues to grow.  Membership in the BRBC steadily increases each year with more and more individuals, municipalities and corporations seeing value in the work we are doing.

We undertake projects that will make a lasting contribution to improved water quality and watershed health, and we have a proud record of fostering collaboration and finding creative solutions. We take pride in our collaborative, non-confrontational approach to issue identification and solutions. The BRBC is living proof that a wide variety of stakeholders with varying views and opinions can, and do, work together for a common good.

Just a few of the BRBC’s accomplishments:

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