Breast Cancer Supportive Care Foundation

  • BCSC has seen more than 4,200 patients since 2003.
  • A total of 267 new patients have walked through our doors in the last year.
  • More than 255 patients have participated in our Recovery Group Program.
  • More than 480 women have accessed the Healthy Living after Breast Cancer Program.

Our services are offered free of charge to patients and their families. Patients can access our clinic at any point in their breast cancer journey, including those who are at a higher risk of breast/ovarian cancer due to risky genes.

Our expert physicians provide medical information and support at the time of diagnosis, and assist in decision making regarding treatment options. They help manage concerns resulting from surgery, chemotherapy, radiation therapy and hormonal therapy, including counseling for fertility, sexuality and body image.

Our mental health professionals and nurses which include: an oncology psychiatrist, clinical psychologists, behavioural heath consultants and a chronic disease management nurse are coordinated through the physicians to support breast cancer patients and their families when required.Medical Practice

Patients meet one-on-one with physicians specialized in breast cancer care. Our patients are treated as individuals and our services are customized to meet their needs. We offer group and individual programs that assist patients at the time of diagnosis, during their treatment and throughout their recovery.

Recovery Group Program

A Recovery Group Program consisting of three hour sessions for 12 weeks with a maximum of ten to twelve participants.

Each week,  participants are guided by the two facilitators through an exploration of that weeks learning topic. Participants have the opportunity to learn how to self-care, nutrition, exercise, and stress management which can have a positive impact on their recovery process and even reduce their risk of cancer recurrence. This unique change management program will assist participants in implementing these practices more fully into their daily life as they make the transition from illness to health and wellness.

During the 12-week program, women are equipped with the information, tools, strategies, and support they require to reconcile their cancer experience and to successfully manage other life challenges as they arise. They are empowered to actively participate in their own health and well-being, and they experience enhanced physical, emotional, mental, relational, and spiritual wellness as a result. There is an improvement in overall health outcomes for the women who participate in the program.

Healthy Living after Breast Cancer Program

The Healthy Living After/With Breast Cancer Program provides a structured and individualized wellness program for breast cancer patients who have completed active treatment. Patients complete a wellness self-assessment questionnaire to gather data in their lifestyle/wellness practices as well as five dimensions of their health: physical; emotional; mental; relational and spiritual. Patients then meet one-on-one with a nurse who has specialized knowledge in the field of breast cancer support and care to review their results. Together, they develop a comprehensive wellness plan that addresses nutrition, exercise and monitoring risk reduction strategies.

Special Projects and Research

Special projects and research will be undertaken based on the strategic priorities of the BCSC, community need, feedback from patients, and the availability of funding.

 BCSC relies heavily on fundraising and donations as we offer our essential services free of charge to patients. Financial support of our organization allows us to continue to provide hope, healing and recovery for Calgarians who will be diagnosed with breast cancer this year.

We are seeking donations for the following programs:

– A donation of any amount will help with the cost of maintaining and operating the clinic allowing us to continue to provide support to breast cancer patients and their families.

– A donation of $175 would allow a breast cancer survivor the opportunity to participate in the Recovery Group Program. This 12-week program is for patients who have completed active treatment. Participants have the opportunity to learn how self-care, nutrition, exercise and stress management can have a positive impact on their recovery process and even reduce the risk of cancer recurrence.

– A donation of $50,000 would support the curriculum development for a Metastatic Cancer Program. Metastatic breast cancer is not a specific type of breast cancer, but rather the most advanced stage of breast cancer. Metastatic breast cancer is breast cancer that has spread beyond the breast to other organs in the body. In the last few years, advances in treatment and drug therapy allow some patients with metastatic breast cancer to live with the disease for a number of years. Due to the growing number of women who now live with metastatic breast cancer, BCSC would like to create a support group especially for these patients. We are looking for funds to help develop the appropriate curriculum.

If you are interested in donating or raising funds, please contact [email protected] or phone 403.270.2158.

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