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Today, CAAF maintains a studio residency at cSPACE King Edward designed to assist emerging visual artists in advancing their careers.

CAAF also programs Gallery 505 where we exhibit artworks on loan from the Civic Art Collection, and provide participants from our studio residency the opportunity to exhibit their work.The residency program was developed to offer studio space to emerging artists in 1-3 month durations. The studio is located on the fourth floor of the newly opened cSPACE King Edward. As a multi-disciplinary “arts incubator”, home to artists, non-profits and innovators, cSPACE is an arts hub offering ample opportunity for networking with other artists and likeminded individuals and groups.

Residents are encouraged to exhibit their work and to host open studio hours during their residencies. All artists selected for the CAAF Residency are expected to undertake this opportunity professionally, respecting the studio space and their neighbours while acting as a representative of CAAF.

Gallery 505, which is a reference to its street address at 505 – 8th Ave SW, is a small window gallery that links our past to our present. CAAF was, for many years, responsible for the stewardship of the Civic Art Collection, the development and implementation of policies and procedures, and advising the City on matters related to the visual arts.  Many pieces in the Civic Collection were purchased by CAAF and donated to the City. Today we exhibit a small selection of these artworks each year at Gallery 505.  We also provide participants from our studio residency the opportunity to exhibit their work at Gallery 505.We always welcome new members, volunteers and board members.

Membership is open to any individual interested in supporting the activities of the Calgary Allied Arts Foundation and is available at $10.00 per annum or $20.00 for three years.

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