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CAOS is dedicated to the art of mask, puppetry, and animated objects. We work in schools, we present live performances, and we create multi-disciplinary art works that engage the public. We are losing $90,000 in revenue between now and the end of May, 2020. The revenue was from one school residency, one performance event, a design contract, and our AGLC casino fundraiser, which have all been cancelled. The $65,000 projected from the Casino supports our operations; it’s loss will seriously jeopardize our ability to stay open. The $25,000 in revenue from cancelled programming impacts our artists. Programs are run at an at-cost basis, where earned revenue pays the artists who deliver the programs. The artists, who are contractors, are heavily impacted by these and many other cancellations. Donations will help us support our artists. As society moves to an online presence, we will contract our artists to create who create work to enliven and enrich lives as we go into challenging times. Donations help create and share work that is a reflection and response to these historic events as they unfold.

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