Calgary Centre for Global Community

We focus on three areas:
1. Developing empathy skills to create more inclusive people and communities;
2. Sharing the stories and experiences of marginalized or misrepresented people in order to build understanding, promote inclusivity, and reduce discrimination; and
3. Creating self awareness and self understanding to improved empathy skills, and to address biases, fear, and barriers to connection.

We believe that learning needs to happen in our hearts, not just our heads. Because of this, we rely on art – including film – to communicate our message.Since 2016, we have produced over 30 short films receiving nine awards and over 20 selections at film festivals worldwide. In 2017, we were commissioned to create seven films for the Canadian Museum for Human Rights in Winnipeg which comprised the exhibit, Our Canada, My Story, and ran at the museum for almost six months. See In addition, you can watch some of our other films at

We are the creators of the world’s first Empathy Week, an annual festival held June 1-7 in Calgary. Almost 3,000 Calgarians participated in Empathy Week 2018.
View: and

We developed the under an umbrella we met exhibit which includes 13 short films where viewers can step into the actual, worn shoes of the person in the film while watching. The exhibit now consists of two different series: Faces of Islam and Indigenous Youth Voices. The exhibit ran for over 80 calendar days at various venues in 2017.

We are the producers of the multimedia theatre show and art exhibit, Labelled, which ran at Arts Commons in 2017 for a total audience of approximately 400 Calgarians. Labelled addressed the topic of the labels we apply to ourselves and others and how they impact our identity and relationships.

We brought The Unity Project to Calgary in 2016 and continue to share this community art event and installation annually which explores connection amidst  diversity.

We organize the Humainologie Annual Film Festival each spring held at the Globe Cinema in Calgary.

We host the Calgary Social Transformation Tournament where Calgarians partake in a collaborative competition to recognize social transformation projects in our community.

We are sponsors and collaborators of the Humans of Calgary movement, assisting with training and recruitment of volunteers who create and share stories about Calgarians.

We are in the process of adapting our existing film (and other) resources into curriculum toolkits for teachers. Recently, we released our first curriculum toolkit about Labels and Stereotypes for grades 9 through 12 students. We anticipate the completion of our Empathy curriculum toolkit in late 2018.

We provide training and deliver workshops on a variety of topics including Labels  and Stereotyping, Empathy, and Islamophobia.

We provide film production services to not for profits and other groups where the film theme directly relates to the focus of our work.

In late 2018, we will be opening a storefront in the Beltline where we will showcase our interactive projects and exhibits, host community events, and sell retail clothing apparel from our casual wear line, Citizen of the World. A lease has already been entered into and construction is expected to begin October 2018.

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