Calgary Chinese Community Service Association (CCCSA)

CCCSA serves over 5000 clients each year with the help of more than 500 volunteers who contribute over 12,000 volunteer hours.

Our Mission 

To create a vibrant and integrative community by bridging the Chinese community, other ethnic communities, and mainstream society.

Our Vision 

The Calgary Chinese Community Service Association (CCCSA) envisions an inclusive and supportive society, where Calgarians of all ethnic origins have full and equitable access to all aspects of Canadian society.

Our Beliefs

  • It is important to preserve our Chinese heritage, while focussing on service activities that give clients and members the opportunity to reach their full potential in a Canadian setting and more particularly in Calgary.
  • We celebrate both shared heritage and diversity among Chinese Canadians.
  • All Calgary residents of Chinese heritage have unique needs that require ethno-specific services.
  • We  focus on community members of Chinese heritage but also reach out to other cultural groups and facilitate cross-cultural exchanges and service provision.
  • Residents are entitled to have access to all services.
  • It is important to acknowledge and promote contributions of Chinese Canadians in Canadian Society.
  • We can play a role in building a more inclusive Canadian society.
  • We celebrate mentorship and collaboration.
  • We complement other services and organizations within the Calgary Chinese community.

 Our programs can be categorized into four streams, responding to the needs of the Chinese community at large:

  1. Integration and Civic Engagement (ICE) Program – This program offers a holistic range of services to Chinese-speaking immigrants in Calgary. The programs in this stream are designed to reduce barriers and promote an inclusive and supportive society where members in the Chinese speaking community have full and equitable access to and participation in Canadian society. CCCSA services are solution-focused and empowerment-based to support Chinese-speaking immigrants to successfully integrate socially, culturally, and economically within Calgary.
  2. Children and Youth Program – The objective of this program is to foster meaningful relationships, assist youth to build resiliency and develop positive social and leadership skills. The mission is to ensure that children and youth have an opportunity for healthy growth and development. CCCSA has established the following fun and inspiration programs to meet the mental, physical, and emotional needs of children and youth in Calgary.
  3. Law & Advocacy Program – This program was initiated with the objective of enhancing the quality of legal services delivered within the Calgary Chinese community.  It serves those individuals who come to CCCSA to seek legal information, summary advice from volunteer lawyers at the outreach clinic, referral services and legal interpretation/translation assistance.
  4. Health Program –  Our Health program’s overall goal is to deliver a culturally and linguistically-sensitive health promotion model to the Chinese community. We aim at increasing the awareness of knowledge for Chinese immigrants. This project is designed to address Calgary’s Chinese community health needs through education, early detection, and intervention: Specifically, we offer educational workshops and public education through media to reach the community at large and raise public awareness on health related topics.  We promote early screening and detection through women screening day, screening mammogram clinic, and kidney’s screening days. For those who are diagnosed with cancer, patient support groups can address emotional and individual needs of the patients and their families.

By partnering with other organization and engaging our volunteers, we develop and deliver a variety of initiatives:

The Integration and Civic Engagement (ICE) Program

  • Information Referral & Resources
  • Legal Clinic
  • Career and EI
  • ClinicTax Clinic
  • Front Desk Job Training
  • Interpretation Training
  • Chinatown Safety Project
  • Family & Parenting Program
  • New Immigrant Circle
  • Support Groups

Children and Youth Program

  • Super Cool After-School program
  • Social Knot
  • Career Scene Investigation
  • Spring camp
  • Summer camp
  • Youth-in-Action Leadership training
  • Life Skills training

Law & Advocacy Program

  • Legal Information and Referrals
  • Commissioner for Oaths
  • CCCSA/CLG outreach clinics
  • Wills & Estates clinics
  • Do-Your-Own-Divorce clinics
  • Client advocacy and support
  • Legal Resources and Publications
  • Legal Educational Seminars
  • Cantonese and Mandarin Radio Programs
  • Volunteer Programs

Health Program

  • Health Awareness
  • Breast cancer support group
  • Healthy living workshops
  • Women’s screening days and follow-up services
  • Screening mammogram clinic
  • Interpretation services and individual support

 By volunteering you will deepen your engagement within the Calgary Chinese community while providing much needed support in areas such as:

  • Front Desk
  • Interpretation
  • Summer Camp
  • Spring Camp
  • After School Programs
  • Fundraising
  • Chinatown Cleanup
  • Health Program
  • Legal Program
  • Special Events and many more…

Your financial contribution will allow us to carry on the above programs and reach out more people in the community who needs help. A $100 donation can help us buy 10 gift cards to appreciate our volunteers’ contribution. For $250, we can provide accommodation and expenses for eight youth volunteers of our three-day two-night summer youth camp.

You can donate online at or donate to our directly to us at our office at 1410 Centre Street NW,  Calgary, AB  T2E 2R9




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