Calgary Chinese Elderly Citizens' Association

2017 Results:

  • 2,202 members
  • 5,011 clients served
  • Interacted with clients 142,239 times
  • 464 volunteers
  • 25 staff

In 2017, we received the Seniors Service Award from the Minister of Seniors and Housing out of 84 nominees from individual and organization category.  CCECA is the only organization being awarded in Calgary and one of the two organisations received this award in Alberta. Besides, CCECA is the only accredited senior centre in Calgary.For a full list of our services, click here.

Social Service programs

  • Outreach services: The Way In Older Adult Services provides information for Chinese older adults and helps them access services that enhance quality of life.
  • Adult Day program: Our adult day program aims to enhance well-being and quality of life through planned programs to meet the needs and abilities of Chinese older adults with disabilities, special needs or dementia.
  • Volunteer Visiting Program for Seniors: Our program is for Chinese who are 60 years and older, and are homebound or residing in mainstream care centers or assisted living facilities with limited contact with Chinese community.

Collaborative Programs

  • CHINESE COMMUNITY HELPERS PROGRAM: In partnership with Canadian Mental Health Association, this project is a community peer support program to reduce social isolation and increase social inclusion among Chinese Older Adults.
  • CHINESE COMMUNITY RESPONSE TO FAMILY VIOLENCE: Chinese Community Response to Family Violence (CCRFV) provides support to family violence victims of the Chinese community and their family to regain safety and re-establish life.

Health and Wellness Programs

  • ALBERTA HEALTHY LIVING PROGRAM: This program, in partnership with Alberta Health Services is a supportive program for people aged 18 or older.
  • ANNUAL HEALTH CARE SERVICES: Our health and wellness programs bring seniors together and provide supports regular Health Services: Flu and Pneumococcal Vaccination and Screening Mammogram.
  • WELLNESS CENTER: Wellness Centre offers free health care services for Chinese older adults aged 50+
  • FOOT CLINIC: Foot clinic provides comprehensive foot care services for all foot problems such as corns, calluses, ingrown or fungus nails, arch and heel pain, bunions, crooked toes, injuries, orthotics, diabetic foot problems, and etc.
  • PHARMACIST CONSULTATION CLINIC: Pharmacist comes to our center to provide 30 minutes personal consultation on prescription drugs, medication package and travel medication.

Recreation and Education Programs

  • EDUCATIONAL ENHANCEMENT: We offer a broad spectrum of educational classes and workshops to enrich the lives of Chinese older adults and improve their skills and abilities.
  • SOCIAL & RECREATION: In order to promote a healthy lifestyle and improve social life of Chinese older adults, we provide a variety of programs, giving them the opportunities to build their social network and showcase their talent.
  • CIVIC ENGAGEMENT GROUP (CEG): The CEG group is formed in 2009.  It is a volunteer led group with an aim to educate older adults in understanding the importance of their participation in the community, thus, to influence public policy.

Volunteer with us! Volunteers are a highly valuable asset to CCECA. We welcome anyone who is interested in joining us as a volunteer to promote services and contribute to the community. As a volunteer, you will gain new skills, make new friends, build self confidence and maintain an active lifestyle.

Volunteer Visiting Program – For Chinese elderly (60+ years)

  • Weekly volunteer visit to homebound seniors in community, care centres or assisted living facilities. Activities are run in care centres
  • Our goal is to make seniors’ lives less lonely and more meaningful and to act as their link to the community
  • Majority of care centre seniors are over 85 years old.

Be a Chinese Community Helper

  • Increase peer support and positive social ties among Chinese older adults
  • Bridge between the formal and informal support for Chinese older adults
  • Strengthen helping skills of community helpers and increase knowledge of mental health and aging
  • CCECA volunteers will be trained as Chinese Community Helpers who provide one-to-one support service to people aged 65+ who express feelings of isolation, live alone, are low income, experience poor physical and/or mental health.
  • The pair will meet in person and/or provide telephone support for 10 weeks.

Join the Civic Engagement Group

  • Established in 2009 with two full days training on government structures, civic engagement and advocacy strategies
  • There are 12 members including people from different age groups and service providers
  • Main focus is on senior issues for Chinese older adults.  For other issues, we will work with other stakeholders to broaden our capacity


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