Calgary Choral Society (Revv52)

we serve these populations

  • aging population
  • children and youth
  • indigenous communities
  • veterans
  • women

we need help with:

  • arts
  • music

Requesting $225000

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Revv52 is Canada’s vocal energy. For years Revv52 has been a leader in Calgary’s performing arts. Our shows blend choral song with band and orchestral musicians, solo and small group ensembles, with elements of dance, theatre, and spoken word. Our goal is always to expand what music can offer to those who make it and those who come to listen and enjoy.

We see music as the chance to work for the social good. Importantly, we receive many requests throughout the year to work with other non-profits providing free or low-cost entertainment for their fundraisers. To date we have worked with groups such as Benevolent Artist National Charity (BANC) and Rotary International to raise funds for Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls (MMIWG), addiction treatment, and more.

We are over 50 volunteer singers from all walks of life: teachers, engineers, medical professionals, social workers, artists, retirees, company owners, and students who have a shared passion for music and a commitment to not only entertain but uplift. Over the last 2 years we have performed live or through YouTube concerts for people around the world. As a long-standing educational institution, we welcome new singers to our ranks every year; over the past three years, we have seen a ….% increase in the number of submissions to our audition process – an indicator of how we inspire others. Supported by a growing virtual (>375% ) and until Covid-19 live audience (50% year over year growth)

The past year and a half has been a time of cancelled events and lost live music. Unable to perform at our home theatre, the Bella Concert Hall at the Taylor Centre for Performing Arts, we were able to stay connected to – and even expand – our audience though online performances and videos. We are eager to return to performing live, but our group, like others, is seriously impacted by restrictions on singing. To maintain our distance and the safety of our individual members, and also protect the unity of the choir, we have needed to move to individual microphones.

But this move is not simply one made to overcome restrictions. What we have learned over many years about dance and movement on set has given us an even broader vision of what can be accomplished on stage. Individually and wirelessly mic’d singers can interact with each other and the audience in a much more engaging way than singers who are tied to standing microphones or who need to watch their step over cables and cords.

To catch a glimpse of Revv52 in action click here to visit our newly arranged O Canada or here for our YouTube page.

We are eager to explore these new possibilities as technology improves and allows us to create more engaging and rewarding theatrical experiences. The outer boundaries of music have not been reached, nor is there a limit on how deeply music can still stir us. With microphones in hand, and the supporting technology in place, we are looking forward to continuing to be at the forefront, singing our hearts out and dazzling all who’ve gathered in the auditorium with us for the love of music.
If you would like to support our campaign for wireless mics and the necessary sound equipment to use them we would be grateful for any donation. No amount is too small. For more information email Lisa [email protected].

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