Calgary Climate Hub

we serve these populations

  • aging population
  • children and youth
  • indigenous communities
  • women

we need help with:

  • conservation
  • Environmental Sustainability

Requesting $90000


Since 2017, the Calgary Climate Hub has been organizing and mobilizing to educate and empower Calgarians toward genuine climate action. We have organized rallies and protests, lawn sign campaigns and petitions, and training sessions to speak on municipal climate issues at City Hall. We’ve built our climate community through bike rides, volleyball games, and tree planting events. Our projects have gathered allies, informed curious listeners, and demonstrated ways of living, working and playing together in a sustainable and equitable future.

After years of successful climate action, advocacy and community-building, the Calgary Climate Hub has reached a crossroads. In 2023 we have been recognized as a Registered Charitable Organization. Our organization is stronger than ever, but we can’t keep up this momentum without your financial support. We need your donation to fund operational costs and to continue paying our contractors to organize and mobilize our growing climate community.

Your donation is crucial. Operational funding is one of the most important part of any organization’s budget, yet it is the hardest to receive support for through grants and other funding sources. If we can’t pay contractors a liveable wage, we lose access to their skills, experience and the talents that have brought this community together.

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Angela McIntyre


(403) 389-2693


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Charity Number: #774719942RR0001

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Financial Statements / Annual Reports

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