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Life comes with challenges. And it doesn’t matter how old you are. Or where you’re from. Or what you do. These challenges are stressful, scary and overwhelming. But there’s help. There’s support. There’s Calgary Counselling Centre.

Our Story

Why We Exist

My depression started when I experienced a lack of support and respect at my workplace. Each day was mentally exhausting and consisted of constant negativity, but I forced myself to go to work everyday. I began to feel worthless and alone; I was surrounded by people, yet isolated in my own thoughts. My pessimistic thoughts consumed me. I felt that no one understood me, and gradually lost contact with friends and family. I started to dread attending events, which usually gave me comfort. Things that I loved doing before, such as teaching, I no longer liked or had the will to do it. I started questioning my purpose in life, what was the point of it all? Soon after, I started contemplating suicide.

I almost lost everything to depression. I often walked by overpasses and thought about how easy it would be to end it. I would hear about suicides on the radio, and thought to myself that I had to keep quiet about my feelings. I attempted suicide two times.

My attempts to end my life were not successful. And after the second attempt I found the strength and courage to seek help. I found solace speaking about my feelings to someone who understood.

I was comfortable talking with my counsellor and felt that I could trust her. She was there to make me feel better and get me better.

I had a particularly bad day at work one day and called her, she told me to come in first thing in the morning. I honestly think she saved my life that day.

–          David

Our Impact

What We Do

Lives change here. Calgary Counselling Centre helps individuals, couples, parents, families, and youth by providing counselling and group programs in such areas as depression, domestic abuse, relationships, children and youth mental health, eating disorders amongst others.

We offer sliding-scale payments, meaning our clients pay what they can. In 2015, we served more than 8,200 clients, 74 per cent of which accessed our services through subsidized fees.

We also ensure no waitlists, so Calgarians can get the help that they need, when they need it.

Once our clients walk through our doors, they’re guaranteed quality, progressive treatment. We have an expert team of psychologists, marriage and family therapists and social workers who provide our client-focused leading edge counselling. We monitor our client’s progress meticulously, because every session counts and we need to know if treatment is helping or if we need to adjust it to get better results.

We’re also a leading research and training organization in Canada. We focus on research because it helps us understand what types of treatment work best and to best deliver treatment so we can get the best results for our clients. We train future counselors so we can ensure our community will always have the very best counselors available.

Our Programs

How We Do It

Counselling: Our counselling provides a leading-edge way to monitor the progress of our clients, we call it Feedback Informed Treatment or FIT for short. FIT tracks the progress of our clients at each session through the use of a questionnaire and allows us to adjust treatment as needed based on the results.

Why do we make our clients fill out questionnaires at every session and why we dedicate the time to analyze and monitor these questionnaire responses? For the same reason your physician monitors your vital signs. Think of FIT as your emotional vital signs. FIT allows us to see where you are and ensuring your treatment is working or adjusting it if need be. In fact imagine if your doctor was providing you with treatment but couldn’t see or know if the treatment was working. It sounds crazy, right? Why should it be any different for your mental health?

Along with individual and couples counselling, our group counselling provides a safe environment for our clients to take a journey towards healing with others who are going through similar circumstances. We offer group programs in the areas of depression, domestic abuse, relationships, child and youth, and eating disorders.

Training and Education: We believe in continuous learning and training and as such we are a training facility in psychology, social work and marriage and family therapy. In fact we’re recognized locally and nationally and have students from different provinces and countries. Since 2005, we have provided specialized training to over 600 graduate and post-graduate students.

Research: We believe research is pivotal for effective counselling treatment. To that end we have an in-house research department that provides our counsellors with the tools and information they need to get the best results for our clients. We conduct research in many different areas and all research data is used to better inform and help improve the effectiveness of our treatments.

Community: We exist to help our community and so we seek and welcome community collaborations and partnerships.  We build relationships and constantly seek to understand the needs of Calgarians so we can make sure we provide the services they need. When we can add value and help, you can count us, we’ll be there.

Defy Depression: The issue of depression is spreading. It impacts every aspect of one’s life. Every culture. Every community. It affects all of us. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Depression is the most treatable of all mental health issues. There is a solution that works. It’s effective. It’s proven. Calgary Counselling Centre Defy Depression campaign aims to tackle depression head-on with these four pillars:

  • Activation: screening and engagement campaign
  • Access: ensure subsidies are available for our most vulnerable citizens, develop cultural-specific programs
  • Education: train more counsellors, students and service providers on leading international best practices
  • Research: ongoing evaluation and analysis of program outcomes, share best practices with policy makers and other service providers

We need your help. Visit www.defydepression.ca.

Our Requests

What You Can Do

Donate. When you give generously, you have an immediate impact. Consider this:

  • $35 can provide an at-risk adolescent with the resources to build self-esteem.
  • $250 can provide critical counselling sessions for a family in crisis.
  • $1,000 can help a person who has lost all hope overcome the crippling effects of depression.

You can donate by:

  • Filling out this online form
  • Phoning (403) 691.5904
  • Faxing this donor card  to (403) 265.8886
  • Mailing this donor card to
    Calgary Counseling Centre
    Suite 200, 940 – 6th Avenue SW
    Calgary, AB  T2P 3T1

Volunteer. Your time and talent is just as valuable as a donation. We have lots of ways you can help. Volunteer at our NEXEN Call Centre and be the supportive first contact for those seeking help, assist with filing and organizing records, help with events and so much more. Email our Volunteer Coordinator or call 403.265.4980.

Hosting a third-party event. We welcome and support individuals and groups who wish to help raise funds and awareness on behalf of the Centre, and the clients we serve. Email our Fund Development team or call 403.265.4980.

Share your story. Tell us about your struggles and how you were able to make positive change with the help of counselling. You show someone that may be struggling that there are others who have felt the same and have changed their lives. As a community we can pick each other up, and thrive together. Sharing your written or video stories at www.yourstories.ca.

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