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Calgary Dream Centre

For over a decade, the Calgary Dream Centre has provided life change for men and women struggling with addiction, mental health concerns, and homelessness. Our programs include addiction recovery for men ages 18+, support for families of addicted persons, and housing and supports for men and women.

Our Story

Why We Exist

The Calgary Dream Centre is not just an addiction recovery centre. Our process of life change starts with education and extends into long term supports to ensure that our men and women can flourish, reconnect with family, rejoin their community and live with purpose.  Because of our work, thousands of homeless and addicted individuals have gone on to realize dreams they once thought were lost.

We exist for guys like Luke, a youth program graduate, who lived on the streets of Calgary while actively engaging in addiction, but is now enrolled in school and is living a life of purpose.  “I started drinking when I was probably about ten years old.  I became an alcoholic the moment I touched my first drink.  I believe that.”  Luke was homeless for a long time and hit rock bottom with his addiction. That is when he found the Calgary Dream Centre and our recovery and housing programs.  Luke says, “Thank you, from the bottom of my heart.  There’s no words to descibe how happy I feel.”

Luke is just one of thousands of lives that have been transformed through the Calgary Dream Centre.  To see a video of Luke’s story Click Here


Our Impact

What We Do

Our process is a one of a kind recovery journey that enables our clients to lives of Dignity, Destiny, and Dreams. This process equips clients with the tools necessary to overcome major life barriers and make the vital transition into meaningful  work, education and community.

The recovery journey begins with a pre-recovery week where clients learn about the medical aspects of addiction, this process enables our clients to learn what the causes and solutions to addiction are, and better equips them to take on the challenge of recovery. Once in the seven week recovery program clients engage in a wide range of activities that equip them for a new life. We integrate a twelve step behaviour therapy program that provides critical skills to succeed in our program, and in community for years to come. Mindfulness, distress tolerance, interpesonal effectiveness, and emotion regulation are but a few of the critical skills clients aquire through our program. Click Here to download our brochure

Once the recovery program is complete clients have an opportunity to live in one of over thirty community homes accross the Calgary area. In community we provide long term supports as they live in affordable, supportive homes. To take a tour of our homes Click Here

Throughout our process our clients are engaged in life management skill training, career skills development, spiritual care in order for them to make a full recovery into community as productive citizens.

OUR STORY | Learn about us by clicking this link to watch “OUR STORY of life change.”

OUR MISSION | Our Mission is to help people to restore Dignity, discover Destiny, and realize their Dreams.

OUR VISION | Our Vision, is life change for the homeless.

OUR VALUES | The Calgary Dream Centre will be governed by the values of mercy, compassion, respect, integrity, accountability, and innovation.Our Mission, Vision, and Values are accomplished through the engagement of people in life management skill training, career skills development, spiritual care and integration into society as productive citizens.

OUR COMMITMENT | Our Mission, Vision, and Values are accomplished through the engagement of people in life management skill training, career skills development, spiritual care and integration into society as productive citizens.

Our Programs

How We Do It

The recovery journey has three chapters. Its not easy, but understanding it is as simple as A.B.C:

A) “our recovery program”: A full time, seven week, recovery program that helps our clients develop the necessary skills to begin living in community and engaging with a new purpose. We utilize Dialectical Behaviour Therapy, which equips clients with critical skills such as interpersonal effetiveness and emotional regualtion, while engaging clients in life management skill training, career skills development, and spiritual care. To find out more about our recovery program Click Here

“New Futures For Youth” is a new addition to our recovery program that was started in partnership with The Calgary Foundation. We understand that early intervention enables a young person to have a full life of possibility. This specialized program is focused on the specific needs of men under that age of 25. Through counselling, education, like skill management, and supportive housing, we provide formerly homeless youth with the opportunity to write a new story in their lives. To find out more about our youth program Click Here

B) transition: Our facility located at 4510 Macleod Trail South provides transitional housing for over 120 individuals. Clients in the trasitional phase have access to many of the programs offered to recovery program clients, but are making the next steps towards full time employment, and community integration. Relapse prevention, and case management are a vital aspect to the success of our clients making the transition from addiction to purpose.

C) community homes: Our community housing is a sober, safe home that affords individuals an opportuntiy to make the giant leap into having their own home in one of 30+ homes in Calgary (Click Here to see our homes). Our homes are the best on the block, meaning that our full time maintenance crews keep the homes beautiful inside and out. While in community clients have full time case managers who continue to provide life skill training and addiction supports in order to ensure that the best opportunities and quality of life are available for each of the nearly 200 individuals living in community.

Our Requests

What You Can Do

There are many ways to get involved in changing lives with the Calgary Dream Centre

VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITIES: Volunteers give over 20,000 hours to the Calgary Dream Centre each year and are a vital part of our story.  Volunteers help create real life change, become advocates for our work and are a real force that create a stronger community.  Individuals, corporate volunteers, church groups – we have opportunities for all.  Signing up is easy, just Click Here to apply today!

VITAL GOODS: We are always in need of vital items that serve our clients and facilities.  Furniture, food, clothing – you can contribute by dropping off donations at our main facility located at 4510 Macleod Trail South or Click Here.

CHARITABLE GIFTS: Every dollar represents a new future for one of our guys, their families, and our city. There are easy ways to begin a partnership that will make a huge difference, no matter the size of the gift. Here are a few examples:

  • Sponsor Meals: Food is life and our meal program is about healing bodies and restoring dignity.  Every month we serve over 10,000 meals. You can be part of restoring dignity by sponsoring meals for our men and women. Click here to sponsor our meal program today.
  • Sponsor Recovery: Every day counts! while in our seven week recovery program clients don’t pay anything. The support of partners is vital to ensure that our clients have the ability to fully dedicate this time to being equipped to take on a new life. The total cost for the program is $900, this includes all the tools & resources, as well as accommodations and meals for each client. You can sponsor one of our guys for a week $130, or even a day $18.50. Click here to give today

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