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“No matter how I’m feeling when I go to choir – if I’m stressed, sad or having a hard day – when I leave I am always filled with joy.” ~ Current Chorister, age 10

Quality repertoire, a child centered approach and the belief that all girls should be empowered to use their voice are the cornerstones of our program. Under the leadership of Artistic Director, Elaine Quilichini, the Calgary Girls Choir has been providing exceptional choral training, performance and touring opportunities since 1995.

The Calgary Girls Choir inspires young women to find their voice and to use it to make a difference in the world.

“I wanted to give young women a voice and provide life-changing experiences through choral music, singing and artistic expression. To give girls a place not only to use and develop their voice but a belief that they are entitled to be heard and respected and should expect nothing less.” ~ Elaine Quilichini, Founder and Artistic Director

Our singers receive:

  • Training in vocal excellence and artistry, taught through fun and challenging repertoire using the Kodály approach;
  • Exciting performance opportunities, locally, nationally and internationally; including concerts with the Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra and the Calgary Civic Symphony; and commissions of new works by Canadian and International composers. Recent tours: Yellowknife, NWT (February 2020), Wales/England (July 2018) and Victoria (April 2018).
  • Development of important life skills such as confidence, integrity, leadership, teamwork and discipline
  • A supportive and close-knit community where lifelong friendships develop and each individual singer is nurtured;
  • Community outreach opportunities that create service-minded and civically-engaged citizens;
  • Global awareness which is developed through singing in foreign languages, telling stories (through song) from various cultural perspectives, and world travel.

The Calgary Girls Choir is comprised of three levels – Dolce, Viva and Brava, which meet once a week to sing and learn together.

“The voice is our own, natural instrument and to use it is one of the greatest gifts we have. I think singing is fundamental to being human. That to express yourself through singing makes

you more fully human and allows you to really express what’s in your heart and in your spirit. It satisfies you in a way that speaking alone doesn’t.” – Elaine Quilichini

Choristers in Dolce (Grades 1-5) enjoy an active and fun program where music is learned through traditional children’s folk and art songs, nursery rhymes, dance, and games. Play and physical response to the songs is an important aspect of each class.

Viva, the program for Grade 4-7 girls, advances musical skills through a wide and varied repertoire. Choral training develops with an emphasis on the artistic refinement of performance, vocal technique, inner hearing, rhythm, and learning Solfège – a relative pitch system which uses pitch syllables (do, re, mi, etc.) to develop a keen musical ear.

Brava (Grades 7 to University) learn challenging pieces with polished expression and are recognized internationally for their exquisite and moving performances. Brava choristers become experts at sight reading music and singing in up to four parts.

1) We perform locally, nationally and internationally and love collaborating with other organizations. Each year we visit Calgary schools to share our music and provide educational performances showcasing Canadian content. If you are interested in having us perform at your special event, call us!

2) The Calgary Girls Choir has an annual silent auction to raise money to cover program costs. Donations of products, services or experiences are greatly appreciated.

3) CGC Chorister Fund: Make choral singing financially accessible to a young girl who feels she was born to sing. Funds will assist choristers with costs for registration, camp, and tours.

4) Make your money go further with the generosity of ATB Cares donation matching program.

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