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When it comes to the health of our loved ones, good enough is not enough. At one point all of our lives are touched by the health care system, as are the lives of those we love most.

Working alongside our donors, the community and partners at Alberta Health Services, we make breakthrough investments in care, wellness and research, to ensure our community receives the most progressive care in the world — because our loved ones and yours deserve nothing less.

Funds raised benefit patients and families who depend on Foothills Medical Centre, Peter Lougheed Centre, Rockyview General Hospital, South Health Campus, community health programs and 12 Carewest long-term care centres and allow us to take a 360 degree view to ensure the most effective investment in our community’s biggest health concerns.

Where ever your interest in health care is, we can help you make a difference!

Funding Highlights:

  • Helping Albertans maintain mobility and quality of life through significant
    investments in bone and joint health, accelerating breakthroughs like the
    anterior hip approach.
  • Investing $3.5M in limb preservation and precision vascular surgery, facilitating the redevelopment of a new Vascular Surgery Centre for Southern Alberta.
  • Supporting mental health and women’s mental health during pregnancy/
    postpartum with $3.2M in combined funding for clinical support and research.
  • Contributing $25M to the creation of a world class urology centre – Southern Alberta Institute of Urology.
  • Substantial contributions to the Hotchkiss Brain Institute for specialized
    neurology care and research.
  • Giving stroke patients a second chance by funding early intervention,
    research and clinical support.
  • Improving quality of life for seniors through the Close to Home Campaign
    which generated over $1M to enhance long-term care and making Carewest
    facilities really feel like home.
  • Creating opportunities for personalized health care delivery by facilitating
    internationally renowned cardiac research with support exceeding $7.7M
    towards the Stephenson Cardiac Imaging Centre.
  • Giving cardiology patients better outcomes when minutes count with $5M in
    support to create a specialized, hybrid operating room at Foothills Medical
    Centre that facilitates multiple procedures in one place.
  • Providing Calgarians with the support they need to tackle grief when dealing
    with the loss of a loved one through continued support of the Grief Support
    Program at the Bob Glasgow Grief Support Centre (over $1.9M provided).
  • Improving outcomes for trauma patients by investing $3M in the first
    Interventional Trauma Operating Room (iTOR) in North America, which
    was established at Foothills Medical Centre.

Supporting Calgary Health Foundation’s Greatest Needs  means we can invest where help is needed now and when it is needed next. Our donors transform lives every day by ensuring the best possible health outcomes for people in our community.

Visit our website or follow us on social media @calgaryhealthfoundation to hear how health care has transformed the lives of people like Yalda.

With every investment in health care our donors make, Calgary Health Foundation strives to ensure Calgary is home to the most progressive care in the world for those who need it.Calgary Health Foundation donors benefit patients and families who depend on Foothills Medical Centre, Peter Lougheed Centre, Rockyview General Hospital, South Health Campus, community health programs and 12 Carewest long-term care centres and allow us to take a 360 degree view to ensure the most effective investment in our community’s biggest health concerns.

Eighty percent of Albertans depend on our health system each year. Sooner or later, and often unexpectedly, every one of us will seek urgent medical care — for trauma, serious illness, a heart attack, stroke, preterm birth and countless other afflictions. When we do, we all want the best possible health outcomes for ourselves and our loved ones. Nothing less than the best care available is acceptable when survival and quality of life are at stake. That’s why breakthroughs in care, wellness and research are needed now!Health care is so important to how we live our lives and the quality in which we live them. Our role is to help inspire the community to take action in ensuring that we have the best health care right in our own back yard. Donations are critical in driving innovation forward and taking health care from good to great. There are many ways that we work with people in the community to help them make an impact that will last for generations to come.

Through our mixed fundraising approach, donors have lots of options in how they make a difference to health care. Donors can choose to make a difference in many ways, such as the following:

  1. Donate: Every day donors make contributions to hospitals and programs because they have been greatly impacted by the care they’ve received or they believe that investments in health care are so important to our city. We couldn’t agree more! You can donate online, by phone at 403-943-0615 or by visiting our office at any of our hospitals.
  2. Leave a Legacy: A Planned Gift is a thoughtful way to make a lasting impact on an organization. Planned gifts are easy to arrange and with the help of your advisors can help you develop a plan that provides for your loved ones, maximizes tax and financial benefits and makes a difference to everyone in the community.
  3. Create an Endowment: An endowment fund is a gift that keeps giving. A modest donation of $5,000 can plant the seed for the growth of a significant endowment down the road.
  4. Give a Gift of Shares: Donating publicly traded shares, bonds or mutual funds is becoming increasingly popular because of significant tax saving incentives. A gift of securities to Calgary Health Trust can completely eliminate the steep capital gains tax you would incur if you were to sell these assets and donate the proceeds.
  5. Create a Community Initiative: Our Community Partners are instrumental to raising money for areas that are important to them. They do everything from golf-tournaments to art sales to hosting runs. Their work helps get the word out about how health care is making a difference in the lives of many people in our community.
  6. Sponsor or Support an Event: Events are an important part of the work that we do. Sponsors and ticket purchasers help to ensure that we can maximize the proceeds raised for the cause while ensuring that everyone has a great time.
  7. Buy a Hospital Home Lottery ticket: Our lotteries are important to raising significant funds for our hospitals. We run two programs: the Foothills Hospital Home Lottery in the Spring and the Hospital Home Lottery in the Fall.
  8. Volunteer: We are always looking for dynamic volunteers that want to make a difference. Please visit our website to see what volunteer opportunities we have available.

If you are unable to make a contribution at this time, we are always looking for people who will be an advocate for the work that we do every day. Talking about the care you received and the way you’ve been impacted, and encouraging your family and friends to donate to Calgary Health Foundation ensures that others going through something similar will be impacted too.

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