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Calgary Humane Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals

Our Mission is to help as many animals as we can. Our Vision is to use innovative strategies to lead, inspire and educate in the humane treatment of companion animals, fostering an enlightened community which consistently demonstrates respect and compassion for animals.

Our Story

Why We Exist

We exist for cats like Krikit.

Krikit was helpless when a Good Samaritan found him abandoned on a rural road. Weighing barely a pound and no more than three weeks old, Krikit was in trouble. Young kittens rely on their mothers for everything, but Krikit’s mother was nowhere to be found. Knowing that Krikit’s future was uncertain, the Good Samaritan decided to give him the best possible chance and brought him to Calgary Humane Society.

On arrival, Krikit was rushed back to the CHS veterinary staff for examination where it was discovered that an eye infection had sealed his right eye shut. Krikit was gently bathed with warm water to remove the dirt and grime that coated his fur and face and treated with antibiotics to help his eye heal. Then came the next challenge – Krikit had to eat.

Krikit was still too young to eat solid foods, and with no mother to provide him with milk, his future would be uncertain. One of our animal health technologists coaxed Krikit to accept a bottle of Mammalac, a kitten milk replacement. Learning that Krikit would accept the replacement milk was a relief – he could survive and thrive as long as he was eating – but due to his size and level of development he would need to be fed every two or three hours around the clock.

Foster families do life-saving work at Calgary Humane Society. Within hours of Krikit’s admission, a wonderful foster parent answered our emergency call for help, agreeing to take on the daunting task of “24 hour cat mom”. Under the watchful eyes of his foster parent and CHS veterinary staff, Krikit transformed from a tiny helpless kitten to a bouncing ball of feline energy. The weeks flew by as Krikit grew stronger and discovered the joy of normal kitten mischief. During his time with Calgary Humane Society Krikit won over the hearts of his foster family and every staff member who met him. After almost two months of care Krikit was ready to find a new home… and within four hours of being moved to the adoptions floor Krikit had won over another set of hearts – the hearts of his new forever family.

Our Impact

What We Do

Our mission is simple: “To Help as Many Animals As We Can.”

Our goal? A world with no more homeless animals. 

Tova was a beautiful seven year old German Shepherd mix when she arrived at the door of Calgary Humane Society after being abandoned by her owner. As we researched Tova’s past, we discovered she had a rough start. In just seven years, Tova had been through at least five homes. Five families. Five separations. This time, we vowed, Tova would find her forever family.

Our staff worked tirelessly with Tova in her early days at the shelter. Tova did not like other dogs, but was sweet and affectionate to people. We knew her perfect home was out there. Once Tova had cleared her behavior and medical exams it was time to move to adoptions. She had her photo taken, a biography written and she moved into Pooch Pad 5, ready for her adoring public.

Thanks to you, during her stay Tova received:

  • 1,046.5 cups of dog food & 897 walks and play sessions outside
  • 36 veterinary appointments & 28 days of medication to treat a minor health problem
  • 87 toys to de-squeak, de-stuff and destroy & 4 on-camera features as “Pet of the Week” on local news stations
  • A special 4-day “fur-low” to a foster home
  • 48 in-shelter sessions with our behavior staff for stress management & dog skills training
  • Countless visits to spend time upstairs with office staff
  • 598 “room service” visits by our animal care staff
  • 2,392 tiny treats (from trainers, dog walkers, staff, potential adopters and kids clubs)
  • 7 made-from-scratch, custom-decorated cookies from our kids camps
  • 13 beautiful hand-made adoption signs from CHS youth clubs
  • 28 visits with potential new families
  • 1,285 ear scratches, 6,877 head pats and 8,372 “Good girls!”
  • Endless amounts of love & One Perfect New Forever Family

OUR HISTORY: Calgary Humane Society is Calgary’s most established animal welfare organization with a proud history of connecting lives and standing up for animals who cannot speak for themselves since 1922.

Ninety-four years later, the Calgary Humane Society team is made up of over 100 staff, 400 volunteers, 700 foster families and thousands of generous donors. 

As Calgary’s longest-established animal rescue, full-service animal shelter and only open-admission shelter in Calgary, we see over 7,000 animals each year. We never say no and never turn away an animal in need.


  • 7,698 animal admissions (38% increase from 2014)
  • 1, 705 exotic animals in care (221% increase from 2014)
  • 12,571 animal health exams (74% increase from 2014)
  • 2,496 animals seized (245% increase from 2014)
  • 7,866 cremations (2.5% increase from 2014)
  • 13,856 total children engaged in community education programs (18% increase from 2014)
  • 3,773 total animal adoptions (14% increase from 2014)

See a full list of our programs and services below.

Our Programs

How We Do It

Animal Admissions/Lost and Found – Calgary Humane Society is the only open-admission animal shelter in Calgary. We never say no and we never turn an animal away regardless of medical status or behaviour concerns. Stray animals brought in to the shelter are featured on our online lost and found database to help families reunite with their furry friends as quickly as possible.

Animal Protection – Calgary Humane Society is engaged under provincial legislation to uphold the Alberta Animal Protection Act. Officers in our Protection and Investigations department investigate almost 1,500 reports of animal cruelty, abuse, neglect and abandonment each year, providing education and taking enforcement action as necessary.

Adoptions – Adoption staff at Calgary Humane Society are dedicated to finding great homes for great animals. Finding homes for thousands of animals each year is no easy task, but with almost 100 years of experience we are up to the challenge! Our adoption staff members carefully interview each family to help them find the best possible match.

Humane Education and Community Outreach – Our trained educators provide in-school presentations, extracurricular youth programs, birthday parties, summer camps and community group tours designed to teach children the values of compassion, empathy and respect for all living things.

Behaviour Support – Our Behaviour Team works to enhance the mental wellness of animals in shelter through the use of positive reinforcement training, state-of-the-art equipment and enrichment activities. In addition to providing services to shelter animals, we offer a number of training classes and private consultations to pets in the community and answer thousands of calls each year on our free behaviour helpline to assist pet owners experiencing challenges.

Pet Safekeeping and Emergency Boarding – Pet Safekeeping and Emergency Boarding are free programs that support pets and families during some of life’s most challenging crisis situations. Families fleeing domestic violence, displaced by natural disaster or emergency hospitalization of their human are able to find safe refuge for their pet with Calgary Humane Society. Pets are able to stay in the program for up to 3 weeks, giving their families time to relocate and rebuild their lives.

Volunteer and Foster Programs – We could not do what we do without the help of a whole lot of people. Volunteers perform critical tasks at the shelter including animal socialization (dog walking, bunny hugging & stress busting), housekeeping (laundry, kong stuffing & cleaning) and program support (assisting in animal health, humane education & behaviour).

Pet Gear Store – Support the animals at Calgary Humane Society while stocking up for your special furry friend at home! Our Pet Gear Store carries a full stock of Hill’s Science Diet food and boasts a wide variety of the very best toys and treats.

Cremations – Saying goodbye to a beloved pet is never easy, but the compassionate staff in our cremations department and there to guide you through the process. We offer a number of pet memorial products and services to help you remember your cherished companion.

Our Requests

What You Can Do

At the heart of Calgary Humane Society are our donors and supporters: You make EVERYTHING possible! It is only thanks to your generosity that we are able to fulfill our mission to help as many animals as we can. Supporters of Calgary Humane Society dedicate their time, energy and resources to be the voice for animals in need.

Looking for a way to join the Calgary Humane Society family? We would love to have you!

Donate – There are a number of great ways to financially support Calgary Humane Society. Make a one-time gift to help us create second chances or join our PAWS monthly giving program to become a champion for animals in need. Looking for a way to support animals now and in the future? Our Resource Development department would love to speak to you about making the ultimate gift of a bequest or estate.

Donate in-kind – Caring for thousands of animals requires a lot of treats and toys! Calgary Humane Society very gratefully accepts in-kind donations of pet food, animal toys, linens (new or used!) and other essential items. Please see the wishlist section of our website for details on what items are most needed.

Volunteer – Volunteers are a vital part of Calgary Humane Society! If you are age 16 or older and willing to make a 6+ month commitment we would love to hear from you! Check out our website for descriptions of volunteer roles, current volunteer openings and details on how you can get involved.

Foster – Looking to make a huge difference for an animal in need? Join our foster program to provide love and attention to an animal in need of extra care. Calgary Humane Society provides food, supplies and veterinary care for all foster animals while foster families provide a safe home, time and lots of love. Interested in learning more about our foster program? Please visit our website for details and to contact our foster program coordinator.

Youth Programs – Help us create a more compassionate tomorrow by taking part in one of Calgary Humane Society’s youth programs! Join us at an interactive after-school club, a ‘pawsome’ birthday party or a ‘purr-fect’ summer camp to learn more about the animals that share our world.

In-school presentations – Inviting Calgary Humane Society into the classroom is a wonderful way to bring the message of compassion, empathy and respect for all living things to the next generation. Our in-school Humane Education programs are curriculum connected and a great way to engage students in conversations around ethics and values.

Adopt – Looking for a new pet? We would love to meet you! Visit our adoptions staff members in shelter and let us find you a new friend!

Spread the word – Connect with us on social media using #yychumane and help us spread the message of Calgary Humane Society by sharing our content. Receive shelter updates, adoption updates and other fun content by following us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Periscope.


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