Calgary John Howard Society

we serve these populations

  • children and youth
  • homelessness
  • indigenous communities
  • women

we need help with:

  • employment
  • literacy
  • mental health

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To support the reintegration of Indigenous clients into the community, the Calgary John Howard Society (CJHS) is committed to offering culturally relevant support tailored to individual needs. By providing one-to-one assistance and ensuring access to basic needs, we create a foundation for their successful transition. Recognizing the diversity of our clients’ journeys, we aim to meet them where they are, providing the specific support they need to move forward.

A key element of our approach is to facilitate connections with their cultural heritage, allowing clients to draw strength from their traditions. Your ongoing donations play a critical role in this effort, enabling us to involve Elders and Knowledge Keepers who help maintain these vital cultural connections. This support not only aids in their reintegration but also instills a sense of confidence and belonging.

We are grateful for your generosity, which allows us to offer these essential services, making a real difference in the lives of Indigenous individuals as they navigate their paths back into the community.

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Financial Statements / Annual Reports

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