Calgary Society for Persons with Disabilities

We exist to support people to live their life to the fullest!!!! In order to do this we are there to do what needs to be done to ensure that the people we support get to experience and live their personal truths. This means listening to what they want and then supporting them in realizing their goals. We have recently supported a couple to go on a wonderful vacation to Las Vegas and while there with the presence of their family promised to love and cherish each other in a commitment ceremony. We have also helped people to transition from their everyday work/volunteer placements to a more retirement based lifestyle allowing them to progress through their lives in the same way that anyone has the opportunity to do. Big or small no milestone or achievement is lost. Life is to be lived by everyone and every single one of the individuals that we support are provided with that chance.Community Homes

A Community Home is a residential program located in a housing unit in a residential area within the city of Calgary. The home may be owned/leased and operated by CSPD or it may be leased by the individuals from a private landlord.

Staffing models or hours of staff coverage are based on the needs of the individuals being served in each home. At present, CSPD provides service in seven community-based homes. Three of the Community Homes are wheelchair accessible. The residential capacity varies from three to four individuals per home. The primary goal within each home is to ensure that the individual has his/her desired residential lifestyle. The Support Teams encourage each individual’s desired level of independence through the promotion of lifestyle choices. When an individual’s goals can no longer be realized within the services of CSPD’s Community Homes program, the individual is encouraged and assisted to select an alternative lifestyle, which will promote their greatest degree of independence.

Community Support

In the Community Support program, individuals have chosen to live with a non-disabled peer or family in the community. The individual receives support and skill development in accordance with the needs and expressed wishes of the individual and/or their guardian. CSPD creates a Service Agreement with the individual and/or guardian, and the service provider(s) to provide room and board, supervision and individual skill development opportunities for the individual. CSPD also provides consultation and monitoring support for the private service providers.

Supported Independent Living

CSPD individuals may choose to remain in their own independent housing. In this case, support is provided in the individual’s home. The individual is responsible for his or her own living expenses. The management of the residence is undertaken, as much as possible, by the individuals and/or their families/guardians. The support given is based on the individual’s needs. Flexibility exists to either increase or decrease support as the needs of the individual change. CSPD also provides individualized and development opportunities for the individual. CSPD also provides monitoring and support for the private service providers.

Community Access

The Community Access program has been in place for those individuals under special circumstances, and who cannot get their needs met otherwise through existing services within the community. The individual is supported on a 1:1 basis in a flexible program. The program is designed around the individuals’ interests and preferences that meet their needs and promotes independence and skill growth.Our three largest fundraisers are The Calgary Scotia Bank Marathon, Casino (every 18 months) and our Silent Auction Dueling Piano (Burn N Mahn) event. We hold these in the spring and fall. This year, the Burn N Mahn event allowed the society to provide a new van for our clients to be transported to their daily activities. This gives our staff the freedom to have access to the city without the worries sometimes transit can cause for our clients. We also use our fundraising towards bettering and enriching the lives of our clients through personal goals. This year we are hoping to raise $15,000 at this years marathon.

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