CUPS building resilience for life

Last year, CUPS helped thousands of Calgarians build brighter futures.

  • Our Health programs saw over 5,000 patients.
  • More than 1,400 parents and children were supported in our child and family development programs.
  • CUPS housing and supports impacted more than 5,000 families and individuals.

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We know that lifelong health is shaped by experiences early in childhood. Although the early years are the best time to build a solid foundation for the brain, science tells us that it is never too late to mitigate the harmful effects of adverse childhood experiences (ACE). Through collaboration with the Alberta Family Wellness Initiative, the University of Calgary and Harvard’s Centre on the Developing Child, CUPS puts the latest research into practice, ensuring our programming and systems work.

Brain science puts CUPS on the leading edge of care

Our customized care plans provide wraparound supports and services to help people achieve self-sufficiency. These plans are tailored to each individual and family, reflecting everything that is impacting their lives. By understanding the current situation people are in, as well as the trauma they suffered in childhood, we can effectively open the door to a brighter future.Our operating budget is $17 million – 60% is supported by private funders.

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