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Home to over 1,000 animals across 119 species, your Calgary Zoo has been at the heart of our city for nearly 100 years. Internationally recognized for world-class animal care and habitat design, we inspire and educate generations of people about the importance of biodiversity and conservation.

The current rate of species extinction is over 1,000 times the natural rate. Accredited zoos and aquariums are increasingly the last outpost where endangered species can be found. Through education and building meaningful experiences, we help our visitors understand and care about the natural world around us and empower them to take action for wildlife and wild places.

Your Calgary Zoo is accredited by the World Association of Zoos & Aquariums (WAZA) and the Association of Zoos & Aquariums (AZA). Visitors to accredited facilities, like your zoo, can be assured their visit is supporting institutions that provide the highest-quality animal care and are contributing to conservation initiatives that save animals from extinction.


Animal Care

Did you know it costs $550,000 per month to feed and care for your zoo’s animal residents? With the help of our supporters, the creatures at your zoo are provided with natural habitats, nutrient-rich food, engaging enrichment, knowledgeable animal care technicians and an exceptional veterinary team.

We also operate the best zoo and wildlife hospital in western Canada. In addition to caring for animals that are sick or injured, our dedicated veterinary team provides preventative care for healthy animals, studies diseases, conducts conservation research and trains the next generation of zoo and wildlife vets.

Your Calgary Zoo participates in 26 Species Survival Plans and 49 Population Management Plans with AZA for species-at-risk. These programs protect the genetics of threatened and endangered species, ensuring their long-term viability as ‘insurance populations’ against extinction.


We spark deep connections with nature to inspire the next generation of conservationists. Your gift can be directed to any number of educational initiatives at your zoo, such as in-person and virtual school programs, day and summer camps, or events celebrating youth action.

Your Calgary Zoo connects people of all ages with nature through engaging educational programming. By connecting over 1.3 million visitors of all ages with nature and sharing the conservation stories of our planet’s most endangered species, your zoo teaches about the challenges of our world today and how we can act now to create a brighter tomorrow.

Approximately 65,000 school children take part in virtual and in-person educational experiences every year. We host day and week-long camps year-round, so young people can experience the wonders of our changing world in every season. We also run special events promoting youth action, like the annual Conservation Champions Festival where students showcase solutions to environmental challenges, to foster a love of nature and a commitment to conservation.

You can give hope to endangered species, provide world-class animal care, inspire young minds, increase community accessibility, and create cherished family memories by supporting your Calgary Zoo.

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