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  • cancer care
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Requesting $20000


Your support provides kids affected by childhood cancer with transformative summer camp experiences!

Camp Quality Alberta is dedicated to supporting children with cancer and their families. We deliver a full range of outdoor sport, recreation, and play-based activities at our free camps and community programs. Our programming creates a space where kids can connect with other kids affected by cancer, and families find a community of support and strength. Programs help boost the physical, social, emotional and developmental health of children affected by childhood cancer, and research demonstrates that camps for children living with cancer improve their well-being during and after treatment, helping them achieve their full potential.

Most childhood cancer survivors live with long-term physical or cognitive side effects, that include a range of physical, developmental and neuro-cognitive disabilities caused by their cancer and/or its treatment. As adults, they often have more difficulty making social connections, being independent, and planning for the future, and Camp Quality’s young adult program for 18-25 year olds supports youth through the difficult transition to adulthood.

For kids with cancer in the Calgary area, Camp Quality Alberta offers an important opportunity to safely participate in typical camp activities, and connect with kids who understand. Our weeklong summer camp helps kids, 7-17 years, overcome cancer-related challenges. They learn that they’re not alone by making new friends who share their experiences with cancer. They rebuild their independence, confidence, and resilience by being away from home and encouraged to try new things. They find new strengths in an environment that’s safe, supportive, and designed for their unique needs and abilities.

All programs are free to children and families affected by childhood cancer because many families struggle as parents take time away from work to support their child through the years of treatment and beyond. We provide transportation to children and youth attending our summer or weekend camps, and offer travel subsidies to reduce barriers to family program participation. We are able to do so through the generosity of donations from donors like you.

Since the pandemic, demand for our programs has continued to grow. We are seeking funding in the amount of $20,000 to enable 10 more Calgary-area children and youth to attend Camp Quality Alberta’s weeklong summer overnight camp this year. Your gift will directly fund camp associated costs i.e. food, programming, materials and fees, accommodations, medical supplies, camp clothing, memorabilia, travel, and costs to recruit and train volunteers. In our programs, children and youth find opportunities for personal growth, learning, and development in a fun and supportive environment, helping them regain important childhood experiences that are fundamental to their physical, social, emotional and developmental health and welll-being.

Get Involved

There are many ways to support our work! Our generous donors provide the funds we need to deliver inclusive, year-round programs for children with cancer and blood disorders that support the whole family through fun camp adventures – free of charge. We invite you to become a monthly donor, hold a fundraising event, give a gift to honor someone special, leave a legacy or shop for our most needed camp supplies.

Over 400 volunteers across Canada support our programs, and we are seeking Alberta volunteers to help us deliver our summer camp programs to more children and youth this summer. To learn more about volunteering, please visit

To learn more about how you can get involved and make difference for children and families affected by childhood cancer, please visit

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